1.         Ques : I am not able to properly work in browsers like Google chrome, Firefox , etc?

Ans : Please Use Internet Explorer for the best view/ performance of the website .  It is advised to close the application using logout button for proper logout.

2.         Ques : What is the last date for submission of application from CA firms and can it be again modified/ updated after the data is saved /completed ?

Ans : The system is available throughout the year for input data at url :http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/caapplication/ and can be updated any number of times but the data as on 1st January will be freezed on 31st March for empanelment and allotment for current year.

3.         Ques : What to do if there is a break of internet connectivity or system hangs up while saving the data ?

Ans : Login after sometime. First click the firm basic details and Check the data might not have been saved then re-enter the data.

4.         Ques : After login successfully, why I am not able to view my data.?

Ans : It may be due to the reason that you have opened the website in the browser other than internet explorer. Please logout and use internet explorer for best performance.

5.         Ques : Why my firm has not been allotted any PSU audit allthough it is empanelled ?

Ans : It is not necessary that all empanelled firms are allotted PSU audits as the allotments are provided on the basis of ranking points i.e. merit of the firms.

6.         Ques : How many login attempts are allowed ?

Ans : Only 3 consecutive login attempts are allowed.

7.         Ques : Why the estmated points is zero although the firm with one full time FCA partner is eligible for empanelment ?

Ans : As per the policy , all partners and employees will get points if they were exclusively associated with the firm throughout the calendar year immediately preceding the year of empanelmen.

8.         Ques : Why I am not able to use special characters ?

Ans : For security reasons, special characters are not allowed in the data.

9.         Ques :I am not able to create new user even though it is valid ICAI registration number?

Ans : ICAI number may not be in the existing data of ICAI with CAG ofice so contact ICAI office to get it updated.

10.       Ques :What should I do if I do not have second email address?

Ans : You may enter any dummy email address, in that case you will not get any information on that email address.

11.       Ques :Can we enter turnover, service tax paid, etc in lakhs or in thousands?

Ans : No the amount has to be in actual rupees only, without decimal.

12.       Ques : What should I do when I am getting blank screen after proper login with correct userid, password and image code ?

Ans : You might not have logged out CA Application through logout button and closed the window. Even then if the problem persists, close all the browser windows or shut down the computer . Then login again.

13.       Ques :I have generated online acknowledgement letter for the current year. Whether I am required to submit any documents/ declaration of partners as done in earlier years?

Ans : No documents are to be sent at this stage. As indicated in the instructions, documents in support of the online application for empanelment will be called for as and when required, for verification.

14.       Ques :What information I have to inform CAG office for any problem to be solved ?

Ans : ICAI registeration number and (userid – if it is known) .

15.       Ques :Why I am not able to update the data after successful login as it display message ‘ ICAI Registeration number is not valid’?

Ans : The firms those had entered data in the previous years with invalid ICAI registeration number, will not be able to update/save the data and thus no empanelment for the current allotment year. They have to register again with valid ICAI Regisrteration number and re-enter the details of the firm.

16.       Ques :What to do if I am not able to click and activate submmit button?

Ans : This may be due to the reason that “Javascript” is not enable in your browser. click here to read the required step to enable the javascript in your web browser

17.       Ques :What all data is mandatory to be entered by new firms and updated by existing firms?

Ans : The Firm basic and Partners detail are the mandatory to be entered by all firms but the firms those have already entered data previous years have to give an undertaking in all data entry modules. At least undertaking has to be given in four modules of : Firms details , Partner details, Employees details(if any) and Branch details(if any). Sole proprietor must enter details of one partner that is of the proprietor.

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