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Notification No. 397/86-Central Excise; Dated: 26.08.1986

Notification No. 397/1986-Central Excise (26/08/1986)

For the purpose of this notification, "Cochin Export Processing Zone" means the Cochin Export Processing Zone at Cochin comprising of the places bearing the survey numbers, location, area and enclosed by the boundaries specified below....

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Notification No. 214/86-Central Excise Dated 25/3/1986

Notification No. 214/86-Central Excise (25/03/1986)

for removal to a unit in a free trade zone or to a hundred per cent. export-oriented undertaking or to a unit in an Electronic Hardware Technology Park or Software Technology Parks or for supply to the United Nations or an international organisation for their official use or for supply to projects funded by them, on which exemption of dut...

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Notification No. 115/75-Central Excise; Dated: 30.04.1975

Notification No. 115/1975-Central Excise (30/04/1975)

In exercise of the powers confereed by sub-rule (1) of rule 8 of the Central Excise Rules, 1944, the Central Government hereby exempts good...

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Notification No. 68/63-C.E; Dated 04.05.1963

Notification No. 68/1963-Central Excise (04/05/1963)

the reference to Commissioner of Customs shall be deemed to be a reference to Commissioner as defined in clause (ii) of Rule 2 of the Central Excise Rules,1944. 3. In the said Section 115 [excluding clauses (n) and (e) of sub-section....

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In today’s economic scenario the significance of taxes has increased and it now not limited to being a financial aid for the Governments. The Union or the Central Government imposes several taxes together with their state governments. Some of the taxes are also levied by local Municipalities as well. Excise Duty comes under the taxes which are levied by the Central Government as per the provisions laid out in the Excise Duty Act, Excise Duty Rules and Excise Duty notifications formulated by the Government.

Excise duty is an indirect tax which is levied on goods manufactured in India and are intended for home consumption. Manufacturing of the goods is the taxable event and the excise duty liability arises as and when the goods are produced. Excise duty is a tax on manufacturing that is payable by a manufacturer of goods, who passes the incidence on to their customers. The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is the governing authority and it functions under Union Ministry of Finance’s Department of Revenue. Under the power conferred by the Central Excise Act, 1944, the Central Government levies taxes on production or manufacturing of goods. The excise tax rates are stated under the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985.

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