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Jan Dhan Yojna: Single Solution To Multiple Problems

November 28, 2016 4036 Views 1 comment Print

PMJDY is serving noble cause of financial inclusion of all those deprived class who were ignored by our system, banks, and contemporary governments since very auspicious independence from centuries of foreign power.

Legal Provisions for Import of Pneumatic Tyres for Automotive Vehicles

November 28, 2016 7477 Views 1 comment Print

In this article, attempts have been made to explain about Import of Pneumatic Tyres for Automotive Vehicles (including used Tyres, Retreaded Tyres and Waste Tyres).

Search, seizure & arrest under Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax laws

November 28, 2016 17263 Views 0 comment Print

The officers of Customs & Central Excise are supposed to know the provisions of so many Acts/Rules for performing their duties effectively and efficiently. The search, seizure and arrest are the most important functions, amongst others, performed by the officers.

Monetary Limits for Adjudicating Authorities under Excise & Service Tax Laws

November 28, 2016 19045 Views 0 comment Print

1. Introduction 1.1 The CBEC by issuing Circulars / Instructions has prescribed monetary limits, normally in terms of amount of duty involved, for different adjudicating authorities for the purpose of issuance and Adjudication of Show Cause Notices. For the purpose of convenience of departmental officers, the instructions/Circulars on the subject matter have been summarized in […]

All about Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)

November 28, 2016 24070 Views 1 comment Print

Objective of Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) is to offset infrastructural inefficiencies and associated costs involved in export of goods/products, which are produced /manufactured in India

Company Secretary can explore in area of Other Law applicable to Corporate

November 28, 2016 5974 Views 1 comment Print

Corporate and MNC always look for profile where individual as Company Secretary should possess depth knowledge of Companies Act, FEMA, Sebi, Listing compliance, etc. Even Section 203 of the Companies Act 2013 defines the requirement of appointing of Compliance Officer to certain specified classes of the Company.

Beyond rumours :True story of real and fake coin of Rs. 10

November 28, 2016 23590 Views 5 comments Print

Nowadays, many articles are published on various websites, YouTube videos are being uploaded and news channels are showing footages regarding fake coins of Rs. 10. I have studied this aspect in detail and by this article, I want to bring to your kind attention the true story of fake Rs. 10 coin.

Proposed Salient Features of New Income Disclosure Scheme for disclosing #blackmoney held as #cash

November 28, 2016 6175 Views 4 comments Print

1. Applicable for undisclosed income in the form of Cash or deposits already made or to be made in bank accounts. 2. Income Tax @ 30% of Cash + Surcharge @ 33% of Tax + Penalty @ 10% of Cash i.e. aggregating to 49.90% of undisclosed income (cash) (Section 199D & 199E)

Let’s understand Proposed Income Tax 2nd Amendment Bill 2016

November 28, 2016 11491 Views 0 comment Print

As a step forward to curb black money, bank notes of existing series of denomination of value of five hundred rupees and one thousand rupees issued by the Reserve Bank of India have been ceased to be legal tender with effect from the 9th November, 2016.

The Taxation Laws (Second Amendment) Bill, 2016

November 28, 2016 11155 Views 0 comment Print

Download Full Text Of The Taxation Laws (Second Amendment) Bill, 2016- Introduced In Lok Sabha By Finance Minister Arun Jaitley On 26.11.2016

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