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Circular No. 16/95 Custom Duty Dated 24/2/1995

Circular No. 16/95 Custom Duty 24/02/1995

A case has been brought to the notice of the Board wherein a unit in an EPZ had imported more or less full assembled articles and after some minor processing had exported some of the articles but had also cleared a substantial quantity into the DTA in accordance with the EXIM Policy. A question had been raised whether the benefit of 50% d...

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Horticulture etc. 100% EOUs – Exemption from Customs Supervision

Circular No. 15/95-Custom Duty 23/02/1995

A reference is invited to the provisions of the Scheme of exemption for 100% EOUs in terms of Notification No. 13/81-Customs dated 9.2.1981 which provides for grant of exemption to the 100% EOUs, inter alia, subject to the condition that the manufacturing operations are carried out under customs bond. Subsequently the Ministry has notifie...

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Notification No. 10/95-Central Excise, Dated: 23.02.1995

Notification No. 10/1995-Central Excise 23/02/1995

The depreciation in respect of goods covered by clause (a) shall be allowed for the period from the date of commencement of commercial production of the unit or the date of receipt of the goods in the unit, whichever is later, till the date of payment of duty....

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Circular No. 104/15/95-Central Excise, Dated: 22.02.1995

Circular No. 104/15/95-Central Excise 22/02/1995

Circular No. 104/15/95-CX I am directed to enclose herewith a copy of Board"s Circular No. 96/7/95-CX dated 13.2.95 issued from F.No. 267/9/95-CX-8 dated 13th February, 1995 read with Corrigendum dt. 22.2.95 and to request you to issue necessary instructions to the concerned officers ...

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Instructions relating to issuance of Invoice (s) under Rule 57-G of Central Excise Rules

Circular No. 103/14/95-Central Excise 22/02/1995

Circular No. 103/14/95-CX I am directed to refer to Board"s Circular No. 95/7/95-CX dated 13th February, 1995 issued from F.No. 267/9/95-CX-8 on the above mentioned subject ...

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Circular No. 14/95-Custom Duty Dated 22/2/1995

Circular No. 14/95-Custom Duty 22/02/1995

I am directed to draw your attention to the recommendation of the Committee on Indirect Taxes (Rekhi Committee) the "Watch Dog Panels" comprising of officers of the Customs Houses, Trade representatives and Clearing Agents Should be set up in all Customs ...

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Circular No. 102/13/95-Central Excise, Dated: 22.02.1995

Circular No. 102/13/95-Central Excise 22/02/1995

Circular No. 102/13/95-CX The procedural restriction envisaged in sub-rule (2) and 2(A) of rule 224, read with sub-rule (2) of rule 173G of the Central Excise Rules, 1944, regarding removal of excisable goods after 6 P.M.on the day preceding the Budget Day and also on the Budget Day, should be strictly enforced on all assessees...

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Fraudulent availment of Modvat Credit – Preventive measures- Regarding

Circular No. 101/12/95-Central Excise 22/02/1995

Circular No. 101/12/95-CX Instances have been brought to the notice of the Board where modvat credit taken on inputs by the assessee was not reversed even after writing off of the materials on which the credit was taken. Cases have also been noticed where the credit had not been adjusted even though the write-off of the input materials h...

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DEEC Scheme Telegraphic Release Advise

Circular No. 12/95-Custom Duty 20/02/1995

I am directed to say that in the course of his recent visits to some of the Customs Houses Member (EP & Cus) had noticed Telegraphic Release Advance (TRAs) are being issued by the Licencing Section of the Customs Houses, without any reference to ...

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Circular No. 100/11/95-Central Excise Dated 20/2/1995

Circular No. 100/11/95-Central Excise 20/02/1995

Circular No. 100/11/95-CX I am directed to say the question of delegating the powers to the Principal Collectors of Customs and Central Excise to reconstitute the Regional Advisory Committees for Organised Sectors and also for Small Scale Industries, in the Central Excise Collectorates, has been under consideration of the Board for the p...

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