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This notification exempts material imported against a Quantity Based Advance license issued on or after 01.04.1995

Notification No. 80/95-Customs 31/03/1995

Raw materials, components, intermediates, consumables, computer software and parts required for manufacture of export product specified in Part E of the said certificate (hereinafter in this Explanation referred to as the export product); or, in case of Quantity Based Advance Intermediate Licence, for manufacture and supply to holder of a...

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This notification exempts material imported against a Value Based Advance license issued on or after 01.04.1995

Notification No. 79/95-Customs 31/03/1995

Provided that Acetic Anhydride, Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, Vitamins, Pen-G and their derivatives in respect of which the benefit of this notification is claimed shall be utilised by the importer in his own factory or in the factory of any other manufacturer indicated in the said certificate even after discharge of export obligation....

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Notification No. S.O.282(E) – Income Tax dated 31/3/1995

Notification No.S.O.282(E) - Income Tax 31/03/1995

Notification No.S.O.282(E) - Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (a) of the Explanation to section 115AD of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby specifies the Foreign Institutional Investors specified in the table below for the purposes of the said section ...

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Circular No. 31/95-Custom Duty Dated 30/3/1995

Circular No. 31/95-Custom Duty 30/03/1995

Instances have been brought to the notice of the Board where exporters are facing difficulties in clearing their imported goods on account of objections being raised by the custom Houses with regard to endorsement of quantities/ value in the Sensitive Lists. In this regard the position is clarified as under...

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warehousing of imported goods

Circular No. 30/95-Custom Duty 30/03/1995

I am directed to say that the Audit has brought to the notice of the Board a case where an importer filed a warehousing Bill of Entry for bonding certain imported goods and in this direction, he also executed a warehousing Bond as per Section 59 of the Act. The Bond was accepted by the Customs House. However...

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Central Excise – Notification No. 75/95-Central Excise, Dated: 24.3.95 – Reg

Circular No. 112/23/95- Central Excise 28/03/1995

Circular No. 112/23/95-CX The undersigned in directed to enclose copy Notification No. 75/95-CE dt.24.3.95* amending notification No. 1/93-CE dt. 28.2.93 so as to make certain consequential changes on account of the changes in the Central Excise Tariff relating to textiles....

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Reconciliation of Accounts by Chief Accounts Officers – System defects – Regarding

Circular No. 111/22/95- Central Excise 28/03/1995

Circular No. 111/22/95-CX The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs has recently brought to the notice of the Board a case of fraud in payment of Central Excise duty by an assessee in Bombay involving a sum of Rs. 1.44 lakhs. In this case modus operandiadopted by the assessee was to forge the amounts...

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SEBI : Common members in the Appellate body and the Committees

SMD/536/95 28/03/1995

In some cases the aggrieved party has a right of appeal to the Governing Board/Council of Management against the decision of the Committee....

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ONGC Installations declared as Designated Areas

Circular No. 28/95-Custom Duty 27/03/1995

The undersigned is directed to refer to Ministry's instruction F.No. 450/65/92-Cus-IV dated 28.9.94 wherein the legal position regarding levy of Customs duty on rigs brought in the designated area of the Exclusive Economic Zone and levy of excise duty on oil ...

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transfer of import goods for re-warehousing from major port to inland warehousing station

Circular No. 29/95-Custom Duty 26/03/1995

I am directed to refer to the correspondence resting with Board's letter F.No. 473/25/90-CUS-VII dated 30.9.91 on the above subject and to say that as a measure of further relaxation it has been decided that only 5% bank guarantee along with the transit ...

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