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Penalty on Declaration of additional income to buy peace with Department?

Commissioner Of Income-Tax vs Suresh Chandra Mittal (MP High Court)

Shorn of all details, it emerges that the assessee first filed his returns for the assessment years 1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86 and 1986-87 showing income ranging between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 12,000. Later action under Section 132 was taken against him which led to reopening of the assessment. A notice under Section 148 was served on him...

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Circular No. 471/37/99-Central Excise Dated 20.7.1999

Circular No. 471/37/99-Central Excise (20/07/1999)

Circular No. 471/37/99-CX I am directed to say that difficulty had arisen for the manufacturers of goods specified under Chapters 61 & 62 of the Central Excise Tariff Act where rate of duty is NIL or the goods are exempted, especially the garment manufacturers primarily engaged in the manufacture / production for exports. These manufactu...

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Annual Advance Licensing Scheme for manufacturer exporters – regarding.

Circular No. 45/99-Custom Duty (19/07/1999)

Attention is invited to para 7.4A of the Exim Policy and Public Notice No. 10 (RE-99)/1997-2002 dated 7.6.99 issued by the DGFT announcing annual advance licensing scheme to promote exports. The Department of Revenue has issued Notification No. 48/99-Customs dated 29th April, 1999 and amendment notification No. 90/99-Customs dated 6.7.19...

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Circular No. 470/36/99-Central Excise Dated 19/7/1999

Circular No. 470/36/99-Central Excise (19/07/1999)

Circular No. 470/36/99-CX I am directed to refer to Circular No. 449/15/99-CX dated 23.2.99 on the subject mentioned above. It was clarified vide the above mentioned circular that duty should not be demanded on waste packages/containers used for packaging modvatable inputs when cleared from the factory of manufacturer availing modvat cre...

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Procedure for claiming Duty Drawback in terms of Paragraph7.41 of EXIM Policy, 1997-2002

Policy Circular No. 21 (RE-99)/99-2000 (19/07/1999)

Exporters have pointed out that while claiming Duty Drawback as above, they are required to submit original EP copy of the Shipping Bills to the Custom Authorities, which they are not in a position to do as the same have already been submitted to the Regional Licensing Authority while claiming DEPB. This issue has been considered in consu...

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Exemption from Bank Guarantee to manufacturer Exporters under DEEC and EPCG Schemes – regarding

Circular No. 46/99-Custom Duty (19/07/1999)

Attention is invited to Boards Circular No. 71/98-Customs dated 15th September 1998 granting exemption from Bank Guarantee to manufacturer exporters registered with Central Excise Department subject to conditions specified therein...

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This notification imposes anti dumping duty on Acrylic fibre including tow and tops, ranging 1.5 denier to 8.0 denier originating in or exported from Mexico

Notification No. 94/1999-Customs (16/07/1999)

0n the basis of the aforesaid findings of the Designated Authority, the Central Government has imposed anti-dumping duty vide notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue), No. 64/99-Customs, dated the 14th May, 1999 [G.S.R. 351(B), dated the 14th May, 1999] published in Part II, Section 3, sub...

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Public Notice No. 24 (RE-99)/1997-2002, Dated: 14.07.1999

Public Notice No. 24 (RE-99)/1997-2002 (14/07/1999)

Supplies made by an Indian sub-contractor of an Indian or foreign main contractor, shall also be eligible for deemed export benefits provided the name of the sub-contractor is indicated either originally or subsequently in the contract, and payment certificate is issued by the Project Authority in the name of the sub-contractor in the for...

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SEBI : Listing Agreement – Amendmen

SMD/POLICY/CIR-24/99 (14/07/1999)

Companies should co-operate with the Credit Rating Agencies in giving correct and adequate information for periodical review of the securities during lifetime of the rated securities....

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Guidelines to be adopted in respect of the export of Niger Seeds

Policy Circular No. 20 (RE-99)/99-2000 (13/07/1999)

Associate Shippers may undertake exports directly or may register qualified exporters to whom permits may be granted for undertaking exports. Associate Shippers will be allocated export quota based on their past export performance. A quota of 5000 MTs of Niger seed should be allocated to The Karnataka State Agricultural Produce Processing...

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