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SEBI : Standard offer document and memorandum containing key information

IMARP/MF/CIR/06/793/98 31/03/1998

Enclosed is a copy of the Standard Offer Document and a copy of the memorandum containing key information for any scheme of a mutual fund....

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Circular No. 385/18/98-Central Excise, Dated: 30.03.1998

Circular No. 385/18/98-Central Excise 30/03/1998

Circular No. 385/18/98-CX Please find enclosed copy of paras 42 to 45 of the 14th Report of the PAC (11th Lok Sabha) 1996-97. The PAC has observed that the present manner of transfer of cases to Call book is not satisfactory. such transfers raise doubts regarding the manner of disposal of some of the provisional assessment cases themselv...

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Circular No. 22/98-Custom Duty Dated 27/3/1998

Circular No. 22/98-Custom Duty 27/03/1998

It has been brought to the notice of the Board by the trade associations and Ministry of Commerce that the units in EPZ/ EHIP are unable to take out samples to show it to their prospective buyers because of the lengthy procedure to be followed...

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Circular No. 21/98-Customs Duty Dated 25/3/1998

Circular No. 21/98-Customs Duty 25/03/1998

Instances cone to the notice of the Board through the Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai and also a study of the above mentioned subject by Directorate of Valuation, Mumbai that in a number of cases of import of PTA originating from recognised trading houses in Japan, claiming that the goods are manufactured by M/s. Kohap Chemical Corporatio...

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Circular No. 20/98-Customs Duty Dated 25/3/1998

Circular No. 20/98-Customs Duty 25/03/1998

Your attention is invited to the Circular No. 44/97-Custom dated 30.9.1997. The Conference of Commissioner at Chennai had discussed the circular and suggested that the interpretation of Para 6 has created many problem and existing regular importers have started questioning the established assessment practices. They had suggested to review...

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Circular No. 384/17/98-Central Excise, Dated: 20.03.1998

Circular No. 384/17/98-Central Excise 20/03/1998

Circular No. 384/17/98-CX I am directed to say that representations have been received by the Board to the effect that if the EOU is claiming exemption under Notification 8/97-CE dated 1.3.97, the Central Excise Authorities are insisting on payment of additional duties of excise leviable under Section 3 of the Additional Duty of Excise (...

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Circular No. 383/16/98-Central Excise, Dated: 20.03.1998

Circular No. 383/16/98-Central Excise 20/03/1998

Circular No. 383/16/98-CX Instances have come to the notice of the Board regarding the undue hardship being caused to the Trade on account of ignorant as well as bureaucratic style of functioning of the Central Excise Officers posted in 100% EOUs. This hampers the working of the units and affects their export performance adversely....

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TRA facility extended to more ports/ airports

Circular No. 19/ 98-Custom Duty 20/03/1998

Para 6 of Circular No. 10/97-Cus provided that, under DEPB Scheme, imports and exports can be undertaken only from the port of registration of the DEPB scrip. This condition was relaxed by issue of Circular No. 28/97-Cus., to permit imports from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai, for DEPB Scrips registered at any of these ports. Further...

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Circular No. 382/15/98-Central Excise, Dated: 19.03.1998

Circular No. 382/15/98-Central Excise 19/03/1998

Circular No. 382/15/98-CX I am directed to say that the Public Accounts Committee of the 11th Lok Sabha in 14th Report (1996-97) have gone through the problem of pendency of provisional assessment cases in Central Excise and have made recommendation inter-alia, making specific provision prescribing time-limit for finalisation of provisio...

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Notification No. S. O. 616-Income Tax Dated 19/3/1998

Notification No. S. O. 616-Income Tax 19/03/1998

Notification No. S. O. 616-Income Tax It is notified for general information that Character Housing Finance Ltd., Anand, has been approved by the Central Government as a housing finance company for the purposes of section 36(1)(viii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, for the assessment years 1997-98 and 1998-99. ...

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