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Circular No. 349/65/97-Central Excise Dated 31/10/1997

Circular No. 349/65/97-Central Excise (31/10/1997)

Circular No. 349/65/97-CX The Board has observed with concern that some of the Commissioners are not yet observing the Board"s instructions contained in Board Circular No. 313/29/97-CX (F.No. 390/107/97-JC) dated 6.5.97 as well as Circular No. 332/48/97-CX (F.No. 390/107/97-CX) dated 9.9.97. Copies of these circulars with enclosure of La...

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Testing of goods exported under DEEC / Drawback / Pass Book Schemes

Circular No. 57/97-Custom Duty (31/10/1997)

During the meeting with Commerce Minister held on 23rd October, 1997 to discuss the problems of the exporters, it was pointed out that clearance of export goods under the Export Promotion Scheme, logging of DEEC Books and payment of Drawback were delayed on account of frequent drawl of samples and the inordinate time taken to issue Test R...

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Notification No. S.O.2829 – Income Tax Dated 28/10/1997

Notification No.S.O.2829 - Income Tax (28/10/1997)

Notification No.S.O.2829 - Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (ix) of section 47 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby notifies Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, for the purpose of the said sub-clause for the assessment years 1999-2000 to 2000-2001...

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Circular No. 348/64/97-Central Excise Dated 28/10/1997

Circular No. 348/64/97-Central Excise (28/10/1997)

Circular No. 348/64/97-CX I am directed to say that certain doubts have been raised regarding the proper classification of bulk insecticides, pesticides and other similar chemicals. Some of the associations have pointed out that there is no uniformity in the practice of assessment and in some commissionerates, excise duty is being charte...

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Simplification of procedures of setting up ICDs/CFSs

Circular No. 56/97-Custom Duty (28/10/1997)

I am directed to refer to Board's Circular No. 133/ 95-Cus. dated 22-12-95 issued from File No. 434/ 54/ 95-Cus.IV on the above subject. The matter has been re-examined in the Board on representation from Ministry of Commerce. It has been decided to rescind para 7 of the Circular. However, to cope up with any emergency pertaining to impor...

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Circular No. 347/63/97-Central Excise Dated 27/10/1997

Circular No. 347/63/97-Central Excise (27/10/1997)

Circular No. 347/63/97-CX Please refer to the Board"s instructions issued vide D.O.E. No. 389/934- 39/91-JC dated 11.8.92 containing revised instructions on scrutiny of O-in-O, appellate orders etc., copy of which is enclosed1 herewith for ready reference. In these instructions, it was desired, inter alia, that copies of O-in-Original pa...

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Circular No. 346/62/97-Central Excise Date 23/10/1997

Circular No. 346/62/97-Central Excise (23/10/1997)

Circular No. 346/62/97-CX It has been brought to the notice of the Board that there are delays in acceptance of bond furnished by an exporter under Rule 13 of Rule 14 of the Central Excise Rules, 1944 which adversely affect their export schedule. It has been emphasized time and again that the exports should be given top priority and the ...

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Circular No. 345/61/97-Central Excise Dated 23/10/1997

Circular No. 345/61/97-Central Excise (23/10/1997)

Circular No. 345/61/97-CX Whether the items emerging during the course of ship breaking falling outside the ambit of Section XV of the Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 would be treated as excisable and are chargeable to Central Excise Duty....

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Duty Drawback on Export-Revision of All Industry Rates of Drawback

Circular No. 55/97-Custom Duty (23/10/1997)

In continuation of Circular No. 31/ 97-Cus dated 17th Oct., 1997, on the above subject, the Govt. have further decided that the exporters may be allowed to file supplementary claims for the exports covered under the Serial / Sub-Serial Nos. 52.03, 60.02, 61.01, 61.02, 62.01, 62.02, 62.11, 63.06, 63.061, 63.09 and 63.11 specified in the N...

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Streamlining the Procedures for Clearance of Import/ Export Goods

Circular No. 54/ 97-Custom Duty (23/10/1997)

The issues streamlining the procedures for clearance of Air Cargo Complex in order to reduce congestion and to ensure faster clearance of import as well as export goods from Air Cargo Complexes have been considered by Export Promotion Board recently and the following further decision have been taken by Board for immediate compliance...

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Circular No. 344/60/97-Central Excise Dated 22/10/1997

Circular No. 344/60/97-Central Excise (22/10/1997)

Circular No. 344/60/97-CX Representations have been received from the Trade regarding denial of Modvat Credit on Transformer Oil used in the manufacture of transformers on the ground that the said item can not be treated as an input under Rule 57A of Central Excise Rules, 1944....

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This notification exempts gold and silver imported by the specified Agencies

Notification No. 80/1997-Customs (21/10/1997)

For the purposes of this notification, the expressions "Gold in any form including liquid gold" and "Silver in any form" shall include medallions and coins, but shall not include jewellery made of gold or silver and foreign currency coins....

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Circular No. 757-Income Tax Dated 20-10-1997

Circular No. 757-Income Tax (20/10/1997)

Circular No. 757-Income Tax Reference is invited to Circular No. 747, dated 2nd December, 1996 wherein the rates of deduction of income-tax from the payment of income under the head "Salaries" under section 192 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, during the financial year 1996-97, were intimated. The present Circular ...

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Notification No. S.O.2776 – Income Tax Dated 17/10/1997

Notification No.S.O.2776 - Income Tax (17/10/1997)

Notification No.S.O.2776 - Income Tax It is notified for general information that M/s. Happy Home profin Ltd., Suite A-I, 75, C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Abiramapuram, Chennai-600 018, have been approved by the Central Government as a housing finance company for the purposes of section 36(1)(viii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, for the assessmen...

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Hij pilgrims-Information on Baggages Rules, etc

Circular No. 53/97-Custom Duty (17/10/1997)

Until a few years ago, Haj Pilgrims used to board the vessel from Bombay Port and on their return journey, disembark at Bombay. Due to changed circumstances, now Haj Pilgrims travel by Air only and at present they board the Aircrafts from 6 different major Airports. Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India have stated that wherever landin...

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ICD / CFS -Cost Recovery Charges

Circular No. 52/97-Custom Duty (17/10/1997)

I am directed to refer to the various ICDS/ CFSs approved by IMSC / Board to facilitate import / export work from time to time. The staff is being sanctioned by Board to deal with customs work at such places. Staff for all the new ICD is being sanctioned on cost recovery basis. Government of India have approved norms for sanction of Custo...

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Duty Drawback on Textiles (Garments, Madeups) etc. – Original rates restored up to 31/12/97 – New (Lower Rates) Effective 1/1/98

Circular No. 51/97-Custom Duty (17/10/1997)

On the various representations from Export Promotion Councils, the Government has decided to restore the old rates of Drawback in respect of Knitwrars, Garments and Made-ups covered under Serial/ Sub-Serial Nos. 52.03, 60.02, 61.01, 61,02, 62.02, 62.11, 63.61, 63.09 and 63.11 of the Drawback Table 97-98 fixed vide Ministry's Notification ...

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Unclaimed / Uncleared Cargo

Circular No. 50/97-Custom Duty (17/10/1997)

Government of India have taken a number of important decision, as a part of the Scheme Uperation Instant Cargo, for the expeditious clearance of cargo lying unclaimed/ uncleared in the seaports, Airports and Aircargo within a specified complexes tim...

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Circular No. 343/59/97-Central Excise Dated 14/10/1997

Circular No. 343/59/97-Central Excise (14/10/1997)

Circular No. 343/59/97-CX I am directed to draw your attention to Board"s Circular NO. 209/43/96-CX (F.No. 209/62/95-CX.6) dated 9.5.96 vide which rebate in respect of duty element suffered on processing of cotton fabrics used for manufacture of made-up articles exported was allowed to be claimed by the exporters of such made-ups. Simila...

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Irregular counting of some exports under Advance Licenec Scheme & EOU Scheme

Circular No. 49/97-Custom Duty (14/10/1997)

It has brought to the notice of the Board by the C & AC that certain 100% EOUs or the Export Houses through which the export were routed have availed of the benefits of Advance Licence Scheme also and thus the same exports were being Counted towards fulfilment of export obligation under both the Schemes viz EOU as well as Advance Licence ...

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Jewellery EP Schemes – Relaxations for Banks, Bond Value, etc.

Circular No. 48/97-Custom Duty (13/10/1997)

I am directed to enclose RBL's letter IBS No. 452/ 23.67.002/ 97-98 dt. 30.8.97 authorising seven Banks as the Nominated Agencies for the import of Precious Metals under various, jewellery Export Promotion Schemes as per the EXIM Policy 1997-2002. For supply of metals for export manufacture under these Schemes, the Board has considered to...

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Circular No. 756-Income Tax Dated 10-10-1997

Circular No. 756-Income Tax (10/10/1997)

Circular No. 756-Income Tax The Central Government has recently notified new scales of pay and allowances for different categories of Government employees based on the recommendations of the 5th Pay Commission. In addition, the employee will be entitled to substantial amounts of arrears. As a result of this increase...

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SEBI : Amendments to the Uniform Norms for Good/Bad Deliveries

SMD/Policy/GBDN/CIR-25/97 (09/10/1997)

In cases where duplicate shares have been issued to a third party under the provisions of section 108 (1)A of the Companies Act, the company should also provide the name and address of the third party to whom the duplicate shares have been issued along with the date of request for duplicate shares by the third party....

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Circular No. 342/58/97-Central Excise Dated 8/10/1997

Circular No. 342/58/97-Central Excise (08/10/1997)

Circular No. 342/58/97-CX I am directed to refer to the Chapter notes introduced in this year"s budget enlarging the scope of the term "manufacture" in respect of products falling under chapters 28, 29, 34, 35, or 38 of the central excise tariff....

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Notification No. S.O.714(E) – Income Tax Dated 7/10/1997

Notification No.S.O.714(E) - Income Tax (07/10/1197)

Notification No.S.O.714(E) - Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by section 80-IA of the Income-tax Act, 1961, (43 of 1961), as amended by section 3 of the Income-tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 1997 (15 of 1997), and in supersession of the notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue (Central...

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Notification No. S.O.713(E) – Income Tax Dated 7/10/1997

Notification No.S.O.713(E) - Income Tax (07/10/1997)

Notification No.S.O.713(E) - Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by section 80-IA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), as amended by section 3 of the Income-tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 1997 (15 of 1997), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Income-tax Rules, 1962, namely ...

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Circular No. 341/57/97-Central Excise Dated 7/10/1997

Circular No. 341/57/97-Central Excise (07/10/1997)

Circular No. 341/57/97-CX I am directed to say that doubts have been expressed about the appropriate classification of instrument cluster whether under heading 87.08 as parts and accessories of motor vehicles or under heading 90.31 as measuring and checking instrument....

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Powers of adjudication of Additional Commissioner of Customs

Circular No. 47/97-Custom Duty (06/10/1997)

I am directed to invited your attention to Board's instructions of even No. dated 13-5-92 regarding powers of adjudication of Officers of Customs...

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Delection of explosives and other war materials in imported consignments of hevy melting scrap – Procedure for disposal

Circular No. 46/97-Custom Duty (06/10/1997)

Inspite of all the precautions taken, recently a blast occurred at CFS, Ludhiana ia a consignment of steel scrap resulting in death of the labourers and injury to 3/4 persons. This particular consignment was imported from Kuwait in six containers and the blast took place when the goods were being loaded on truck. This consignment was orig...

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Notification No. S.O.695(E) – Income Tax Dated 3/10/1997

Notification No.S.O.695(E) - Income Tax (03/10/1997)

Notification No.S.O.695(E) - Income Tax In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-clause (iii) of clause (17) of section 10 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), and in supersession of notification number S. O. 3363, dated 7th December, 1996, of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance, the Central Government hereby notifi...

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Circular No. 340/56/97-Central Excise Dated 3/10/1997

Circular No. 340/56/97-Central Excise (03/10/1997)

Circular No. 340/56/97-CX Notification No. 8/96-CE dated 23.7.96 was issued exempting all goods falling under heading No. 52.02 produced or manufactured in a free trade zone and brought to any other place in India or by a 100% export-oriented undertaking and allowed to be sold in India, form so much of the duty of excise leviable thereo...

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Circular No. 339/55/97-Central Excise Dated 3/10/1997

Circular No. 339/55/97-Central Excise (03/10/1997)

Circular No. 339/55/97-CX In a case where importer had not only misrepresented that facts before the Commissioner but had also filed manipulated and fabricated documents, the Law Ministry was consulted on the point as to whether fresh Show Cause Notice can be issued by the Department under the proviso for extended period of 5 years....

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Circular No. 338/54/97-Central Excise Dated 3/10/1997

Circular No. 338/54/97-Central Excise (03/10/1997)

Circular No. 338/54/97-CX I am directed to say that some of the importers imported "Acrylamide" and claimed duty free clearance under Notification No. 203/92-Cus as "Synthetic Adhesive" for use in the manufacture of leather goods i.e., shoe upper, leather articles, bags etc. In one of the cases, that Asstt. Commrs. of Customs as rejected...

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Circular No. 337/53/97-Central Excise Dated 3/10/1997

Circular No. 337/53/97-Central Excise (03/10/1997)

Circular No. 337/53/97-CX An instance has come to notice of the Board where a jurisdictional Commissioner had filled an appeal in CEGAT against the Commissioner (A)"s order remanding the case to Assistant Commissioner to determine whether various goods were eligible for modvat credit as per definition of the capital goods. As the Commi...

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