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SMD/RCG/KR/96 31/08/1996

Please treat this as MOST URGENT, as the reply to the Question is to the sent to the Government by September 4, 1996, and, therefore, you are requested to please arrange to send the information by Fax, so as to reach us latest by September 03, 1996....

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Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty for Manufacture of Excisable Goods) Rules, 1996

Circular No. 46/96-Custom Duty 30/08/1996

I am directed to say that the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty for Manufacture of Excisable Goods) Rules, 1996 which shall come into effect on 1st September, 1996 have been modified slightly vide Notification No. 43/ 96-Customs (N.T.) dated 30th August, 1996...

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Affixing of Central Excise Stamps for clearance of Matches under Self Removal Procedure- Clarification regarding

Circular No. 240/74/96-Central Excise 29/08/1996

Circular No. 240/74/96-CX Attention in invited to the Budgetary changes effected by Notification No. 15/96-CX(NT) dated 23rd July, 1996 whereby "Matches" have been brought under the purview of Self Removal Procedure. Simultaneously the rules corresponding to physical removal...

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DEEC Scheme – Revised Norms of Execution of Bond and Bank Guarantee for Custom

Circular No. 45/96-Custom Duty 28/08/1996

In supersession of all earlier instructions contained in :- Circular Nos. 52/95-Cus. dt. 25.5.95, 97/95 dt. 14.9.95, 123/95 dt. 4.12.95 & telex F.No. 605/75/95-DBK dt. 25.8.95, the following guidelines are hereby issued for execution of Bonds and Bank Guarantee...

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SEBI : Certain important matters to be reviewed at every Board Meeting

SMD/3953/96 27/08/1996

The Executive Directors/Managing Directors of all the Exchanges are requested to take note of the above and ensure that these matters are placed in the Board Meetings along with all the relevant details in this regard....

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Classification of Aqua Mineral Treated Water under Central Excise Tariff- Regarding

Circular No. 239/73/96-Central Excise 21/08/1996

Circular No. 239/73/96-CX In continuation of Board"s Circular No. 84/84/94-CX (F.No. 9/1/94-CX.I) dated 20.12.94 on the subject noted above, it is hereby further clarified that demineralisation ...

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SEBI : SMD circular dated August 21,1996

NA 21/08/1996

Please refer to our Fax message dated August 20, 1996. You are further requested to furnish us the information in the following format for the period from April 1995 to August 20, 1996....

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Conversion of DEEC Shipping Bill to Pass Book Shipping Bill – Clarification

Circular No. 44/96-Custom Duty 21/08/1996

Attention is invited to Ministry's Circular No. 22/96-Cus. dated 19th April, 1996 and 41/96-Customs dated 5.8.96 on the subject of conversion of DEEC Shipping Bills to Pass Book Shipping Bills. These circulars permit DEEC Shipping Bill filed before 31.5.95 to be converted to Pass Book Shipping Bill in the following circumstances...

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Pass Book Scheme – Examination Report on invoice / AR4

CBEC Circular No. 43/96-DBK-Custom Duty 14/08/1996

Representations have been received pointing out difficulties in production of Shipping Bill before the Central Excise authorities for recording of examination report as provided in the said circular. The matter has therefore been re-examined and it has been decided that Central Excise authorities need not record the Examination report on ...

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Problems faced by exporters of man-made fabrics/ sarees in respect of rebate claims -Clarification regarding

Circular No. 238/72/96- Central Excise 12/08/1996

Circular No. 238/72/96-CX It has been represented to the Board that in respect of export of man-made fabrics/ sarees of the description mentioned at Si. No. 5404 and / or 5503 of the current Drawback schedule notified under Customs & Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995, the exporters are not getting full duty relief only to the ex...

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