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Circular No. 205/39/96-Central Excise, Dated: 30.04.1996

Circular No. 205/39/96-Central Excise 30/04/1996

Circular No. 205/39/96-CX Board has received representations from Indian Food Industries "Association and other s seeking clarification as regards the classification of various Indian traditional convenience food mixes, masalas, spices and condiments such as puliyogare powder, vangibath mix, instant samber mix, vangibath powder, sambar p...

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SEBI : SMD/1688/96

SMD/1688/96 30/04/1996

Although the Stock Exchanges have been sending D.O. letters to SEBI more or less on a regular basis, it is observed that the required information is not furnished by them on a uniform basis. Each stock exchange has devised its own format for reporting monthly developments....

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SEBI : Monthly Performance Report of Stock Exchanges

Ref. SMD/678/96 26/04/1996

SEBI is required to send a monthly report on the share price movements, turnover and delivery etc., at the major Stock Exchanges to the Ministry of Finance....

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Modvat credit for the period 1/4/94 to 11/5/94

Circular No. 204/38/96-Central Excise 26/04/1996

Circular No. 204/38/96-CX Representations have been received from the Trade and various Chambers of Commerce that invoice issues under rule 57G against Gate - passes are not being recognised as duty paying document for availing credit....

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Central Excise procedures for exports- Relevance of EOB Value vis-a-vis Value declared on AR4- Regarding

Circular No. 203/37/96-Central Excise 26/04/1996

Circular No. 203/37/96-CX Certain doubts have been raised in respect of "Value" of export goods for Central Excise purposes, viz.-a) whether Free on Board (FOB) Value mentioned in the shipping bill should necessarily be the same as the value mentioned on AR 4 and the invoice issued under Rule 52A...

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Modvat Credit where invoices are not pre printed for specified period

Circular No. 202/36/96-Central Excise 26/04/1996

Circular No. 202/36/96-CX Representations have been received from the Trade that the Modvat Credit is being denied on rule 57G invoice wherein the said invoices have not been pre-printed as original, duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate in terms of Board"s Circular No. 96/7/95-CX dated 13.02.1995....

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Central Excise Notification No. 84/95-Central Excise, Dated 18-95- reg

Circular No. 201/35/96-Central Excise 25/04/1996

Circular No. 201/35/96-CX It may be recalled that notification No. 35/95-CE dated 16.3.95 was amended vide Notification No. 84/95-CE dated 18.5.95 Notification No. 35/95-CE grants exemption to yarn (other than sewing thread) doubled or multifold falling under Chapters 51,52,54 and 55 subject to certain conditions....

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UPSS classifiable under 8543.89 CTA and 8543.00 of CETA

Circular No. 25/96-Custom Duty 24/04/1996

I am directed to say that doubts have been raised regarding the classification of uninterruptible power supply system (UPSS) under First Schedule CTA '75 (the Custom Tariff) in the wake of the decision of the Hon'ble CEGAT in the matter of J.K. Synthetic Ltd. v/s. Collector of Customs, Jaipur [1995 (80) ELT 208 (Tribunal)], holding that U...

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Classification of “plug in type relays” under as parts of Railway signalling equipments

Circular No. 200/34/96-Central Excise 23/04/1996

Circular No. 200/34/96-CX Doubts have been raised regarding the classification of plug in type relays for use as a part of signalling equipments. A plug in rely in an assembly consisting of two parts - (a) a relay, (b) a plug board into which a relay in plugged. These are used in Railway signaling circuits where alternating current at ind...

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Modvat on C.G – Time limit prescribed under Rule 57G not applicable

Circular No. 199/33/96-Central Excise 23/04/1996

Circular No. 199/33/96-CX Notification No. 28/95-CE (NT) dated 29.6.95 was issued whereby Rule 57G was amended providing that the manufacturer is allowed to take credit of duty paid on inputs within six months of the date of issuance of any of the duty paying documents as prescribed under Rule 57G of the Central Excise Rules....

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