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Circular No. 581-Income Tax dated 28-9-1990

Circular No. 581-Income Tax 28/09/1990

Circular : No. 581-Income Tax Instances have come to the notice of the Board where deduction claimed under section 43B of the Income-tax Act was disallowed as prima facie inadmissible, under section 143(1)(a), as the assessee had not furnished evidence of payment of tax, duty, etc., along with the return. ...

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Circular No. 580-Income Tax dated 14-9-1990

Circular No. 580-Income Tax 14/09/1990

Circular : No. 580-Income Tax . Under section 10(23C)(iv) and (v) of the Income-tax Act, income received by certain charitable and religious funds, trusts and institutions is exempt from tax if the conditions specified for this purpose are satisfied. One such condition, as laid down in the third proviso to section 10(23C), is that the f...

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Circular No. 579-Income Tax dated 14-9-1990

Circular No. 579-Income Tax 14/09/1990

Circular : No. 579-Income Tax Reference is invited to this Department’s Circular No. 543, dated 31-8-1989 on the above subject wherein a request was made for issuing necessary instructions to all the Treasury Officers, etc., for making deduction of income-tax at source from the payment of interest on Government securities for the financ...

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Circular No. 578-Income Tax dated 12-9-1990

Circular No. 578-Income Tax 12/09/1990

Circular : No. 578-Income Tax Under the provisions of section 35C of the Income-tax Act, 1961, a company or a co-operative society, which uses any product of agriculture, animal husbandry or dairy or poultry farming as raw material or processes such products, was eligible for a deduction of the amount of expenditure incurred,...

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Modification in sections 217(e)(1), 620 of the Companies Act 1956

Notification No. G.S.R. 769(E) 10/09/1990

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of sectio,i 620 of the Companies Act. 1956 ( I of 1956). the Central Govern­ment hereby directs that the provisions of clause (e) of sub-section (1) of section 17 of the said Act read with the Companies....

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Circular No. 577-Income Tax dated 4-9-1990

Circular No. 577-Income Tax 04/09/1990

Circular : No. 577-Income Tax A question has been raised whether the provisions of section 167B of the Income-tax Act, 1961, which generally provide for charging of tax at the maximum marginal rate on the total income of an association of persons where the individual shares of mem­bers in the income of such association are indeterminate ...

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