"March, 1970" Archive

Circular No. 36-Income Tax dated 25-3-1970

Circular No. 36-Income Tax (25/03/1970)

Circular : No. 36 -Income Tax I am directed to invite a reference to this Ministry’s Letter F. No. 12/41/69-ITCC, dated 5-4-1969, on the subject of deduction of income-tax from salaries paid during the year 1969-70. The Finance Bill introduced in the Parliament on February 28, 1970, provides, inter alia, the rates at which income-tax ...

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Circular No. 35-Income Tax dated 24-3-1970

Circular No. 35 -Income Tax (24/03/1970)

Circular : No. 35 -Income Tax I am directed to forward a copy of draft circular letter setting out the rates at which income-tax and surcharge should be deduct­ed from interest on Government securities after April 1, 1970. It is requested that a circular on the basis of this draft may be issued by you immediately to all Treasury Officer...

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Circular No. 34-Income Tax dated 5-3-1970

Circular No. 34-Income Tax (05/03/1970)

Circular : No 34 -Income Tax The Board had occasion to deal with several representations from various chambers of commerce, trade associations and businessmen regarding the scope of provisions of section 40A(3) and rule 6DD. Since many of the points raised therein are of an important nature, the clarifications given thereon are summar...

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