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ICDs / CFSs Movement of Cargo by Road Permitted

Circular No. 77/95-Customn Duty 30/06/1995

It may also be noted that as regards the movement of cargo from and to the ICDs and CFSs, the policy of the Department has so far been to prefer such movement by the medium of rail transport wherever such link in provided...

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SLPs Filing before Supreme Court – Procedure to be followed

Circular No. 76/95-Custom Duty 28/06/1995

The undersigned is directed to say that some instances have come to the notice of the Board where proposals were sent to the Board for filing SLP with stay application against the judgement/ order of the High Court directing release of goods / refund of duty or ...

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Circular No. 75/95-Custom Duty Dated 28/6/1995

Circular No. 75/95-Custom Duty 28/06/1995

A reference has been received from some of the Commissioners of Customs pointing out that the procedure laid down in Para 2.4 of Ministry's Customs House is to accept the Bond/ Bank Guarantee which is to be executed by the importer for goods imported under the Exemption Notification Nos. 79/95 and 80/95 dated 31.3.95. Different Custom Hou...

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Gold/ Silver coins imports allowed to passengers

Circular No. 74/95-Custom Duty 27/06/1995

The undersigned is directed to refer to Ministry's letter of even number dated 31st August, 1994, on the above subject, and to say that the Department of Economic Affairs have now informed that they have re-examined the matter in consultation with the Reserve Bank ...

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Circular : No. 706-Income Tax dated 26-6-1995

Circular No. 706-Income Tax 26/06/1995

Circular No. 706-Income Tax Section 80Q inserted by the Finance (No. 2) Act, 1991, with effect from 1-4-1992 provides that where in the case of an asses­see the gross total income of the previous year relevant to the assessment year commencing on the 1st day of April, 1992 or to any one of the four assessment years next following that as...

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Airlines crew not covered by baggage rules

Circular No. 73/95-Custom Duty 26/06/1995

I am directed to invite your attention to Ministry's circular of even number dated 25.8.94 raising the free allowance of operating airlines crew members from Rs. 30 /- to Rs. 300/- and to say that it is very clearly mentioned in that circular that this free allowance is ...

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Multi-modal Transport Operations not allowed to act as Customs House Agent

Circular No. 72/95-Custom Duty 22/06/1995

A number of references have been received from the field formations enquiring whether Multi-modal Transport Operators (MTOs) or their Agents appointed by the Ministry of Surface Transport have to be granted Custom House Agents licence or appointed as Steamer Agents for the purposes of Customs Act, 1962. In this context I am directed to sa...

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Export of goods against repayment of state credits and liquidation of debt repayment arrangements – Clarification

Circular No. 71/95-Custom Duty 21/06/1995

Some representations have been received from the exporters exporting goods to Russia (erstwhile soviet Union) that some Custom Houses are not accepting shipping bills under the DEEC Scheme on the grounds that the shipping bills do not indicate the value of the ...

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Foreign experts-import (baggage) Not exempt from duty

Circular No. 70/95-Custom Duty 20/06/1995

Customs & Import facilities to experts assigned to India under the various Aid Schemes viz. UN and its Specialised Agencies (Regular) Programme, UNDP, Colombo Plan, India French Programme and other Bilateral Technical Cooperation Agreements with Foreign Countries...

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Circular No. 705-Income Tax dated 20-6-1995

Circular No. 705-Income Tax 20/06/1995

Circular No. 705-Income Tax Section 80RRA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 provides, inter alia, for deduction from the gross total income, in respect of remuneration received in foreign currency by a technician for services ren­dered outside India. The deduction is at the rate of 50 per cent of the remuneration or 75 per cent of the remuner...

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