"October, 1971" Archive

Notification: S.O.180 Date of Issue: 28/10/1971

Notification: S.O.180 (28/10/1971)

Notification: S.O.180 Raghvendra Industrial Research Foundation, Delhi It is hereby notified for general information that the institution mentioned below has been approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,...

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Notification: S.O.179 Date of Issue: 19/10/1971

Notification: S.O.179 (19/10/1971)

1. Shree Sidhi Vinayak Temple, Sarasbagh. 2. Shree Deva Deveshwar Temple, Parvati. 3. Shree Vishnu Narayan Temple, Parvati....

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Notification: S.O.4039 Date of Issue: 16/10/1971

Notification: S.O.4039 (16/10/1971)

In the notification of the Central Board of Direct Taxes No. S. O. 2272, dated the 31st May, 1971, published at pages 2239/2242 of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, sub-section (ii), dated the 1st June, 1971,---...

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