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Circular No. 153-Income Tax dated 30-11-1974

Circular No. 153-Income Tax 30/11/1974

Circular : No. 153-Income Tax . Reference is invited to Board’s Circular F. No. 44/14/64-ITJ, dated 22-3-1965 [Annex] on the above subject....

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Circular No. 152-Income Tax dated 27-11-1974

Circular No. 152-Income Tax 27/11/1974

Circular: No. 152 -Income Tax I am directed to state that section 195 imposes a statutory obligation on any person responsible for paying to a non-resident any interest (not being "interest on security") or any other sum (not being dividends) chargeable under the provisions of the Income-tax Act to deduct income-tax at the "rates in for...

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Notification: S.O.9 Date of Issue: 27/11/1974

Notification: S.O.9 27/11/1974

It is hereby notified for general information that the University of Sagar, Sagar has been approved by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the prescribed authority for the purposes of clause (ii) of ...

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Circular No. 151-Income Tax dated 25-11-1974

Circular No. 151-Income Tax 25/11/1974

Circular : No:151-Income Tax It has been represented to the Board that in determining the tax liability of foreign and Indian participants in technical collaboration agreements, different norms and principles are being applied by different Income-tax Officers with the result that there is a great deal of uncertainty in the minds of the ...

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Circular No. 150-Income Tax dated 19-11-1974

Circular No. 150-Income Tax 19/11/1974

Circular : No. 150 -Income Tax The Income-tax (Third Amendment) Rules. 1974, notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes on 21-9-1974, have substituted sub-clause (i) of clause (a) of rule 3 of the Income-tax Rules, relating to valuation of the perquisite represented by rent-free residential accommodation in the case of Government emp...

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Circular No. 148-Income Tax dated 15/11/1974

Circular No. 148-Income Tax 15/11/1974

Circular No. 148 - Income Tax The President promulgated the Compulsory Deposit Scheme (Income-tax Payers) Ordinance, 1974 on 17-7-1974 to provide for compulsory deposits by certain categories of income-tax payers in the higher income brackets. This Ordinance has since been replaced, with minor modifications, by the Compulsory Deposit Sch...

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Notification: 769 Date of Issue: 8/11/1974

Notification: 769 08/11/1974

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2)(b) of section 80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby notifies Shri Anjaneya Swami Temple, Gopichettipalayam, Coimbatore Dt., Tamil Nadu, to be a place of public worship of renown throughout the State of Tamil Nadu for the purposes of the said secti...

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Notification: S.O.627(E) Date of Issue: 2/11/1974

Notification: S.O.627(E) 02/11/1974

This notification contains Amendment (Fifth Amendment) to Income-tax Rules carried out on November 2, 1974 not reproduced here as it is already contained in the body of the Rules itself ...

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