"April, 1971" Archive

This notification relates to Import Manifest (Vessels) Regulations, 1971

Notification No. 35/1971-Customs (17/04/1971)

The vessel"s stores list and the list of private property in the possession of the Master, officers and crew may be delivered along with the cargo declaration; but shall not in any case be delivered later than twenty-four hours after the arrival of the vessel at the port....

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Circular No. 58-Income Tax dated 15-4-1971

Circular No. 58-Income Tax (15/04/1971)

Circular No. 58-Income Tax A question has arisen as to whether in the case of a company where a part of the dividend income is utilised for setting-off loss under any other head, relief under section 80M, is to be allowed on the reduced dividend income remaining after such set-off or on the total dividend income before set-off....

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