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Circular No. 490-Income Tax dated 30-6-1969

Circular No. 490-Income Tax 30/06/1969

Circular : No. 490-Income Tax Certain companies have brought to the notice of the Board that various assessing/appellate authorities insist on the production of a certificate from the Board through the company in order to get exemptions under section 5(1)(xxa)....

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Circular No. 20-Income Tax dated 13-6-1969

Circular No. 20-Income Tax 13/06/1969

Circular : No. 20-Income Tax A suggestion has been made to the Board that, in the case of banks, the Income-tax Officer should give full deduction for all bad and doubtful debts actually written off in the books of the banks, without any questioning, since the banks are in a better position to decide whether any of their debts are realisa...

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Circular No. 19-Income Tax dated 13-6-1969

Circular No. 19-Income Tax 13/06/1969

Circular : No. 19-Income Tax It has been represented to the Board that expenditure incurred by businessmen on advertisements in souvenirs by trade, commerce and industry should be allowed in full in the same manner as expenditure on advertisements in newspapers since the purpose of both kinds of advertisements is identical....

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Circular No. 18-Income Tax dated 12-6-1969

Circular No. 18-Income Tax 12/06/1969

Circular No. 18-Income Tax The Board have received representations that even in cases where the disputed income-tax and wealth-tax demands, outstanding on the valuation date, are disallowed and such disallowances account for the shortfall of the returned wealth by more than 25 per cent of the assessed wealth, some Wealth-tax Officers have...

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Circular No. 17-Income Tax dated 10-6-1969

Circular No. 17-Income Tax 10/06/1969

Circular : No. 17-Income Tax Reference is invited to the clarifications contained in the Board’s Circular No. 3(WT), dated 27-7-1968 [printed here as Annex] regarding the liability to wealth-tax of the value of the annuities receivable on the annuity deposits made under the relevant provisions of the Income-tax Act....

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