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Circular No. 10-Income Tax dated 26-3-1969

Circular No. 10-Income Tax 26/03/1969

Circular : No. 10-Income Tax Reference is invited to this Ministry’s Circular letter of even number dated March 26, 1968 [printed under section 192] regarding the procedure to be followed by disbursing officers in deducting tax at source from salaries during the financial year 1968-69....

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Notification: S.O.1229 Date of Issue: 25/3/1969

Notification: S.O.1229 25/03/1969

In the notification of the Central Board of Direct Taxes published as S. O. 624 dated the 14th February, 1969, at pages 215-217 of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii) dated the 14th February, 1969,...

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Circular No. 9-Income Tax dated 25-3-1969

Circular No. 9-Income Tax 25/03/1969

Circular : No. 9-Income Tax Instructions were issued in 1955 to the effect that in the case of tenant co-partnership co-operative housing societies, the income from each building should be assessed in the hands of the individual members to whom it had been allotted, notwithstanding the facts that the technical legal ownership in the prope...

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Circular No. 8-Income Tax dated 24-3-1969

Circular No. 8-Income Tax 24/03/1969

Circular : No. 8-Income Tax Section 280ZA provides for the issue of tax credit certifi­cates to public companies owning industrial undertakings situated in urban areas if they shift their undertakings to some other areas with the prior approval of the Board....

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Notification: S.O.1242 Date of Issue: 21/3/1969

Notification: S.O.1242 21/03/1969

Notification: S.O.1242 Medical Research Centre of Bombay Hospital Trust, Bombay has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the prescribed authority for the purposes of clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 35 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961) :...

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Notification: S.O.1174 Date of Issue: 7/3/1969

Notification: S.O.1174 07/03/1969

is hereby notified for general information that the institution mentioned below has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the "prescribed authority" for the purposes of cla...

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