"February, 1963" Archive

This notification relates to Warehoused Goods (Removal) Regulations, 1963

Notification No. 59/1963-Customs (01/02/1963)

Where the goods are to be removed from one warehouse to another in the same town, the proper officer may require that the transport of the goods between the two warehouses be under the supervision of an officer of Customs, the owner meeting the cost of such supervision....

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This notification relates to Imported Stores (Retention on Board) Regulations, 1963.

Notification No. 57/1963-Customs (01/02/1963)

In the case of consumable stores other than those specified in clause (a) such of other stores are likewise kept under Customs seal: Provided that if the proper officer is satisfied that it is not practicable so to do, he may, after taking inventory of such other stores, allow them to remain on board without being put under Customs seal....

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This notification relates to Notice of Short-Export Rules, 1963.

Notification no. 56/1963-Customs (01/02/1963)

Exporter to furnish information regarding Short-Export.- If any goods mentioned in a shipping bill or bill of export and cleared for exportation are not exported, the exporter shall, within seven days, from the date of departure of the conveyance by which such goods were intended to be exported....

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