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Anti-Dumping Duty on Pentaerythritol Imports from China, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan

May 17, 2024 132 Views 0 comment Print

India imposes a five-year anti-dumping duty on Pentaerythritol imports from China, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan to protect domestic industry. Effective from May 16, 2024.

CBIC extends ADD on Aluminium Road Wheels imported from China PR

March 15, 2024 336 Views 0 comment Print

Notification No. 07/2024-Customs extends anti-dumping duty on Aluminium Road Wheels from China PR. Analysis of the impact and implications.

Anti-Dumping Duty on Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) import from China extended

March 14, 2024 1674 Views 0 comment Print

Get insights into Customs Notification No. 06/2024 imposing anti-dumping duty on Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) from China PR to India. Analysis & implications explained.

Anti-Dumping Duty imposed on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Sheets import from China

March 14, 2024 558 Views 0 comment Print

Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, issues Notification No. 05/2024-Customs (ADD) imposing anti-dumping duty on EVA sheets from China PR to protect domestic industry.

Levy of Anti-Dumping Duty on Para-Tertiary Butyl Phenol (PTBP)

March 14, 2024 360 Views 0 comment Print

Ministry of Finance imposes anti-dumping duty on PTBP imports from Korea, Singapore, and USA for 5 years. Detailed analysis of the final findings issued by DGTR.

Anti-Dumping Duty imposed on Printed Circuit Boards import from China & Hong Kong 

March 14, 2024 12402 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about the recent notification by the Ministry of Finance imposing anti-dumping duty on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) originating from China PR and Hong Kong.

Customs Duty Update: Name Change for Acetone Producer

February 28, 2024 333 Views 0 comment Print

Ministry of Finance amends anti-dumping duty on Acetone from EU, Singapore, South Africa, and USA. Name change for producer INEOS Phenol Singapore Pte. Ltd. Details of notification.

Anti-Dumping Duty on Meta Phenylene Diamine import from China extended

January 15, 2024 567 Views 0 comment Print

Explore customs notification (01/2024-Customs) as India prolongs anti-dumping duty on Meta Phenylene Diamine imports from China for 5 years based on DGTR findings

Amendment in Anti-Dumping Duty on Electrogalvanized Steel Imports

December 29, 2023 408 Views 0 comment Print

Read about the latest Customs Notification No. 18/2023-Customs (ADD) dated 29th December, 2023. Get insights into amendments, anti-dumping duty on Electrogalvanized Steel imports, and the change of name for ‘Dongkuk Steel Mill Co. Ltd.

Govt imposes Anti-dumping Duty on Chinese Wheel Loaders

December 27, 2023 1449 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the latest Ministry of Finance notification imposing anti-dumping duty on Wheel Loaders from China. Detailed analysis of tariffs origins, and implications for the industry

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