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Claim Tax Deduction: Contributions to Ram Mandir under Section 80G

Discover how to claim a tax deduction for contributing to the Ram Mandir under Section 80G. Learn eligibility, deduction limits, deadlines, and key considerations for a seamless process....

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Ram Mandir Trust: Section 80G Deductions & Online Donations Guide

Discover the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, its role, and how donations for the Ram Mandir can fetch Section 80G tax deductions. Learn online donation steps and claim tips....

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Income Tax Practices: Common Mistakes and Solutions

Explore crucial issues in income tax practices, including Section 44AD, TDS obligations, LTCG exemptions, cash deposits, and tax deductions under Section 80G in India....

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Beware of Cash Transaction under Income Tax Act

Discover the legal constraints around cash transactions under India's Income Tax Act. Learn about the various sections that impose limits and penalties on cash dealings....

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Avoid Cash Payments: Impact on Deductions and Tax Compliance

Discover why cash payments should be avoided for personal and business transactions. Learn about the deductions affected and the potential consequences of using cash. Stay compliant with tax regulations....

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DO anything for NATION i.e. DONATION under Income Tax Act, 1961

Learn about the meaning of donation under the Income Tax Act, 1961, and explore the types of donations, deductions, and conditions for claiming them in India....

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Early Bird missed the Flight while complying 80G Registration procedures

Discover the challenges faced by early birds in complying with the 80G registration procedures under the new scheme of exemption for charitable institutions. Get insights into the transition from provisional to regular registration, timelines for Form 10A and Form 10AB, and the doctrine of impossibility....

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Statement of Donation – Form 10BD

Form 10BD is a statement required to be furnished by the donee, i.e., the trust, NGO or institution that receives donations under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The purpose of this form is to provide details of the donations received during the financial year and to ensure that the donations received are genuine and eligible for...

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What are the deductions allowed under Chapter (VIA) of Income tax Act, 1961

Discover key deductions under Chapter VIA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, including Section 80C, 80D, and 80G. Learn how to optimize your taxable income and benefit from various investment and insurance-related deductions....

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Charitable Trust: Form No.10BD

Learn about Form No. 10BD for charitable trusts with Section 80G registration. Details, due dates, penalties, and procedures for filing and issuing certificates....

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