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section 11

Income received from a charitable/religious trust will be tax-exempt under Section 11, provided that the activity being performed is incidental to the attainment of objectives set by the trust/institution, and separate books of account are maintained by the particular trust/institution pertaining to the business. In this article, we look at some of the major exemptions provided under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act.

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Application of funds by trust can be made only on actual payment basis

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Temporary donations to other charitable entities did not violate spirit of Section 11

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IBC not excludes Court Jurisdiction to entertain A&C Act Section 11 Applications: Delhi HC

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Delhi HC Directs Central Registrar to Appoint Arbitrator in Handloom Dispute

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Section 11 Exemption can’t Be denied for Meager Profit from Public Utility Services

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Latest Notifications

Section 11-CBDT notifies online forms for accumulation of income by a trust

Income Tax : NOTIFICATION NO. 03/2016 Exercise of option etc under section 11. (1) The option to be exercised in accordance with the provisions...

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CBDT guidelines for NGOs seeking exemption U/s. 11 for providing relief to earthquake hit people in Nepal- Part III

Income Tax : Part III of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (Part I - 08.07.2015) for making application for claim of tax exemption u/s 11(...

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CBDT guidelines for NGOs seeking exemption U/s. 11 for providing relief to earthquake hit people in Nepal- Part I

Income Tax : Many NGOs and Charitable Organizations in India have expressed desire to support relief and rehabilitation work for the benefit of...

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Rescission of all previous notifications appointing Director, Software Technology Parks of India as Development Commissioner of IT& ITES SEZs

Corporate Law : Section 11 of the Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 – Development Commissioner – Rescission of all previous notifications appoi...

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SEBI circular on Quarterly Reporting by Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCI)

SEBI : Format for the quarterly report on venture capital activity to be submitted by Foreign Venture Capital Investors has been revised ...

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Donation out of accumulated funds u/s. 11(2) are not allowable as application of income

September 12, 2023 1131 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Delhi held that provisions of section 11(3) states that donations given out of accumulated funds u/s 11(2) of the Income Tax Act of earlier previous years are not allowable as application of income for charitable or religious purposes and the same shall be deemed to be income of the assessee.

Excess application of income of previous years can be set off from subsequent year’s surplus income

September 12, 2023 2340 Views 0 comment Print

Analysis of ITAT Bangalore’s decision in Sindhi Youth Association vs ADIT, focusing on set-off of earlier year’s excess application to subsequent year’s income under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act for Charitable Trusts.

Unstamped Arbitration Agreements Lack Legal Validity and May Be Impounded

September 11, 2023 960 Views 0 comment Print

In present facts of the case, the Hon’ble High Court have given observations on the issue of unstamped arbitration agreement. It has been held that an arbitration agreement, which is unstamped, does not exist and an unstamped contract, containing an arbitration agreement, would not exist as it has no existence in law and it has been observed that such agreement would be impounded under Section 33 of the Stamp Act.

Likelihood of confusion among public essential for refusal of Trademark Registration U/s. 11

September 11, 2023 3645 Views 0 comment Print

The Hon’ble High Court observed that for refusal of Registration under Section 11 of the Trademarks Act, it would have to be shown that the marks themselves are confusingly similar to each other, and that, owing to the similarity in the marks and the goods and services which they cover, there is a likelihood of confusion among the public, or a likelihood of the public believing the existence of an association between the marks.

CESTAT Quashes SCN for Lack of Suppression or Misstatement Allegations

September 11, 2023 378 Views 0 comment Print

A detailed analysis of CESTAT Bangalore’s ruling in favor of Nexteer Automotive India over the Commissioner of Central Excise and Service Tax. Learn why the show-cause notices were quashed.

Incidence of Duty Borne by Appellant, Unjust to Credit Refund to Consumer Welfare Fund: CESTAT

September 9, 2023 270 Views 0 comment Print

Analysis of the CESTAT Chennai order in Axon Drugs (P) Ltd Vs Commissioner of GST & Central Excise case. Discover why directing excise refund to Consumer Welfare Fund was deemed unjust.

Not-for-Profit Companies: Legal Framework

September 6, 2023 1533 Views 0 comment Print

This article delves into the fundamental aspects of not-for-profit companies elucidating their purpose, key features, authorized activities, benefits, and their distinctive role in promoting social welfare. By examining recent legislative developments and exploring the core attributes of not-for-profit companies, this article aims to shed light on their significance in the broader societal context.

Penalty u/s 114 imposable on CHA who abetted or facilitated illegal attempted export of prohibited goods

September 4, 2023 765 Views 0 comment Print

CESTAT Chennai held that penalty u/s 114(i) of the Customs Act, 1962 imposable as CHA has abetted or facilitated, may be deliberate or negligent, an illegal attempted export of prohibited goods i.e. Red Sanders wood pillars and tops.

AO cannot interpolate Salary for extra work on mere presumption of Monthly Payment

September 4, 2023 216 Views 0 comment Print

Assessing Officer’s claims on the irregularity of additional salary payments are unfounded, says ITAT. When payments are made via cheque and duly recorded, there’s no reason to treat them as ‘outside the books.’ The assessee provided evidence that these are year-end calculations, not fictitious transactions. The additional salaries are legitimate and shouldn’t be interpolated for 12 months.

Existence of business exigency needs to be proved for payments in cash to avoid addition u/s 40A(3)

September 1, 2023 861 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Bangalore remanded the matter back to AO for fresh consideration as assessee didn’t proved existence of business exigency in making payment in cash and AO didn’t carried necessary enquiry before making addition u/s 40A(3) of the Income Tax Act.

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