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SEBI : Market makers

SMD/SED/93/11362 (05/08/1993)

Members of Stock Exchanges of Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, and Madras may apply to SEBI through their respective stock exchanges indicating their SEBI registration number, the scrips in which they wish to make market, their turnover in 1991-1992 on the basis of which they have paid SEBI registration fee....

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SEBI : Reporting by Mutual Funds – New Scheme Returns.

IIMARP/10772/93 (14/07/1993)

In terms of Regulation 55(i) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations 1993, the Board has prescribed New Scheme Report to be submitted by all Mutual Funds. The prescribed formats of the Report, viz...

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SEBI : Progress report persuant to inspection

Ref. SMD-I/10719 (09/07/1993)

certain suggestions were made to improve the working and practices and procedures at the Exchange. These suggestions have already been forwarded to you and you were also advised to submit periodical progress reports on implementation of these suggestions. ...

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SEBI :(Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents) Regulations, 1993

Notification No. SEBI/LE/5/93 (31/05/1993)

The Board may require the applicant to furnish further information or clarifications regarding activities and matters connected thereto to consider the application for grant of a certificate. ...

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SEBi : Order under Sec 8 of the SC[R] Act, 1956

SMD/SED/6919/93 (20/04/1993)

Please refer to the earlier correspondence on the subject resting with our letter no. SMD/SED/0049/93 dated January 1, 1993. The Board after taking into account suggestions made by various stock exchanges has decided to direct the stock exchanges....

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SEBI : Dealing in odd lots shares

Ref. SMD-I/2378 (12/02/1993)

As you are aware, with the spate of issues of rights shares and fully and convertible debentures in the current financial year (i.e. 1992-93), the volume of odd lot shares and debentures has reportedly increased manifold, but the secondary market for them is not that active....

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SEBI : Contract notes, margins, timely settelement

Ref.SMD-I/1509 (14/01/1993)

In this connection, we have been requested by the Ministry of Finance to send them immediately a detailed report on the progress made by the stock exchanges on implementation of these directives. As SEBI has issued fresh directives vide its letter SMD-II.11615/92 dated 20.11.92, ...

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SEBI: (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993

Notification No. SEBI/LE/92/III (07/01/1993)

Provided that, before rejecting any such application, the applicant shall be given an opportunity to remove within the time specified such objections as may be indicated by the Board....

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SEBI : Report of Expert Committee on Fees

SMD/SED/1430/93 (07/01/1993)

This has reference to our letter Ref.No.11969 dated November 30, 1992 regarding payment of fees by member brokers of the Stock Exchanges. During the meeting of Stock Exchange Presidents with the Chairman, SEBI, certain questions were raised requiring clarifications on the calculation of turn-over for the purpose of payment of fees under t...

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SEBI : Audit of accounts of members

SMD/SED/0072/92 (31/12/1992)

You are requested to ensure that the members of your stock exchange strictly adhere to the time schedule fixed by the Ministry in this regard. A compliance report indicating the completion of audit of the accounts for the year 1991-92 of the members should be forwarded to SEBI by January 15, 1993. ...

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