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How to Disclose Preliminary Expenses in Revised Schedule VI

We receive lost of questions regarding disclosure of Preliminary Expenses in Balance Sheet as per Revised Schedule VI. Every one have different opinion on how to disclose the same in revised schedule VI. In our view Miscellaneous / Preliminary Expenditure should be disclosed as follows in revised schedule VI :-...

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Revised Schedule VI – An Analysis

With the emergence of multinational corporations and rapid increase in cross border transactions, it is essential that our financial statements speak the global language for attracting foreign funds into India. Internationally, the observance of universally accepted reporting norms is perceived as an important measure of good corporate go...

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Revised Schedule VI – Normally Asked Questions

If the requirements of Company Act and/or Accounting Standards are different from that of Revised Schedule VI, what is the treatment to be given? If requirements of a regulatory authority like RBI are different from that of Revised Schedule VI, what treatment should be given? Para 4.1.1 of the Revised Schedule VI necessitates that if com...

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Revised Schedule VI – Key Features, Comparative analysis & Format

Key Features of Revised Schedule VI –Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss. Comparative analysis between Revised and old Schedule VI & Format of Revised Schedule VI ...

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Major Changes in Revised / New Schedule VI

Companies now have to follow Vertical Format for presentation of financial statements; horizontal format is no longer permitted by Revised Sch-VI. The Schedule No. as required earlier has been replaced with Note No. Number of shares held by each shareholder holding more than 5% shares now needs to be disclosed. Such information will be ba...

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New Schedule VI In Excel with B/S, P/L, Notes, Disclosures, Comparison with Old

As per the Government Notification no. F.No.2/6/2008-C.L-V dated 30-3-2011, the Revised Schedule VI is applicable for the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account to be prepared for the financial year commencing on or after April 1, 2011....

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Revised Schedule VI in Excel Format – Balance Sheet, Profit Loss A/c, Notes

Ministry of Corporate Affairs [MCA], Government of India, has on 3 March 2011, hosted on its website, the revised Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956 which deals with the Form of Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account and disclosures to be made therein. The revised Schedule VI has been framed as per the existing non-converged Indian Acco...

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Highlights of Revised Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956

Major differences between the old and the new Sch VI. Applies to all companies following non-converged Indian Accounting Standards. No possibility of conflict between Accounting Standard and Schedule VI as on modification of accounting standards prescribed under the companies act, Schedule VI would stand modified accordingly ...

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