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Global Role of CA in whole Gamut of Succession and transfer of asset including professional executor of will

CA, CS, CMA : The article gives insight about will document and execution of the same. The author believes that the chartered accountant in the ...

December 4, 2021 2058 Views 0 comment Print

Opportunities for CAs as an Independent Directors

Company Law : The concept of Independent Directors is a welcome step for corporate governance in India. Independent directors are expected to us...

December 4, 2021 4941 Views 0 comment Print

Value added professional opportunities for chartered accountants In cooperative world

CA, CS, CMA : The co-operative movement that was started to help the rural indebtedness has now made noticeable progress. The sector has grown i...

December 4, 2021 2715 Views 0 comment Print

Audit will be there as long as Economic/Non-economic activities are there on planet

CA, CS, CMA : Introduction: The word ‘AUDIT’ has Latin origins. It is derived from the Latin term ‘audire,’ which means to hear ...

December 4, 2021 762 Views 0 comment Print

Professional services a CA can provide in preventing Money laundering

CA, CS, CMA : The term 'money laundering' is generally attributed to the collective of procedures involved in legitimizing assets amassed by mea...

December 4, 2021 4755 Views 1 comment Print

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History of Accounting and Accounting Standards

Finance : Sufficient evidence exists to conclude that art and practice of accounting existed even in Vedic times. There are references to kr...

December 31, 2011 41427 Views 0 comment Print

Role of CAS As A Business Documents Drafting Experts

October 13, 2021 3246 Views 0 comment Print

The needs of society and demands of modernization and industrialization have led to the enactment of laws. There is hardly any human activity that is not governed by one or the other law. Additionally, there are several legislative enactments, provisions whereof as contained in a single section run into several pages.

Role of Chartered Accountant’s in assisting startup to reach to UNICORN status

October 13, 2021 7083 Views 0 comment Print

1. INTRODUCTION: There is no doubt that building your Startup and watching it lifts from the ground is one of the most exciting things that one could possibly think of. Perhaps it is one of the most challenging things and that is why one needs to approach it in the right way.  In recent years […]

Role of CA in capacity as Virtual Entrepreneur Mentor to put your Entrepreneurship Ideas into Action

October 13, 2021 2040 Views 0 comment Print

Role of Chartered Accountant (CA) in the capacity as Virtual Entrepreneur Mentor to put your Entrepreneurship Ideas into Action  Introduction: Success in any business is a combination of many factors and one of them is to keep learning about your business. The entrepreneur mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their […]

CA’s Assistance for Exponential Growth of Your Business in Capacity as Best Business Growth Consultant

October 5, 2021 1419 Views 0 comment Print

Adapting to the new age, thinking big, and utilizing our expertise with a mixture of innovation are strategic pathways to achieve exponential growth and go a long way in creating an impact upon the world. We are fortunate to be born in the digital age so that adapting and learning new skills become very easy for us than the previous generation. And now that we have everything why don’t we make good out of it.

Service To Cooperatives Is Service To Nation

October 4, 2021 1758 Views 1 comment Print

Post-1990, the country has unlocked many business opportunities in almost every sector of the economy. This has, in turn, created a long list of professional opportunities for experts both at the domestic and global levels. As a focused approach of making India no. economy in the world every sector, the industry is contributing one way or other.

Unfold Global Professional Opportunities In Ever Evolving Permanent Cyber World

October 4, 2021 1365 Views 0 comment Print

The present age is often considered as the digital age, we are blessed to be born in the internet era which is a four-decade-old creation now. As compared to other industry the world of cyber industry is booming and will be permanent till human life as the more the use of technology the more the growth opportunities.

Robust Internal Controls including COBIT 2019: Role of CAs

October 4, 2021 3111 Views 0 comment Print

Robust Internal Controls including COBIT 2019: Must to achieve Enterprise Mission – Role of CAs Internal Controls are systematic and procedural steps adopted by an organization to mitigate risks, primarily in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, operational processing, and compliance with laws and regulations. They are steps taken to strengthen the organization’s systems […]

Versatile Role of CAs In Areas Human Asset Management, Accounting etc

October 4, 2021 1947 Views 0 comment Print

Versatile Role of CAs In Areas The Human Asset Management, Accounting, Soft Skills Training, Creating Robust HR Dept And Compliance of Employment Laws This article purported to give you insight information of the human resources world in terms of lucrative professional opportunities available for chartered accountants. 1. What is Human Resource? The term resources imply […]

Taking Control of Your Life, Foundation of Growth is to Know Self & Work on Self

September 29, 2021 1161 Views 0 comment Print

The first essential requirement for any achievement is empowerment. The process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens to you is the idea of ‘SELF EMPOWERMENT’. The essence of self-empowerment is the acceptance of the fact that YOU cannot always determine what comes your way in life, but you need to equip yourself well enough so that you can steer yourself towards a more effective and fulfilling life.

Magical Formulas For Clearing Exams and Becoming a Successful Person

September 29, 2021 4791 Views 0 comment Print

In a nutshell, it is your ‘Attitude’ that determines success. You can achieve only what you think you can achieve. The attitude towards life – the strength of character of getting up after a fall, dusting yourself, and starting afresh once again – determines how successful you become

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