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Gratuity: Eligibility Criteria, Income Tax Exemption Limit & Calculation

‘Gratuity’ in simple term is a reward given by the employer to his employee at the time of his retirement / resignation / termination / death. Present article contains the answer to the basic gratuity related questions like what is the eligibility criteria of gratuity, what is the gratuity calculation formula and what is the […...

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Tax Free Gratuity limit increased from Rs.10 Lac to Rs.20 Lac

Now the CBDT vide Notification No. 16/2019/F. No. 200/8/2018-ITA-I dated 8th March, 2019 has specified twenty lakh rupees as the limit for the purposes of Section 10(10)(iii) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in relation to the employees who retire or become incapacitated prior to such retirement or die on or after the 29th day of March, 2018...

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What is Gratuity? Is Income Tax Exempted on Gratuity?

What is Gratuity? Gratuity is a lump sum that a company pays when an employee leaves an organization and is one of the many retirement benefits offered by a company to an employee. In India, gratuity rules and requirements are set out under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972. An employer may also choose to […]...

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ग्रेच्युटी की कितनी रकम टैक्स के दायरे में नहीं आती है?

मोहन एक अक्टूबर, 2018 को रिटायर हुए हैं. उनकी ग्रेच्युटी की रकम 20 लाख रुपये से ज्यादा है. लेकिन, संस्थान ने बताया है कि उन्हें केवल 10 लाख ...

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Gratuity Act Amendment – Grievance of majority employees

Bhadkamkar A V Date: 15-02-2019 Gratuity Act Amendment – Grievance of majority employees. The maximum gratuity payable under The Payment of Gratuity Act and exempted under The Income Tax Act is raised from Rs. 10.00 lacs to Rs.20 lacs from 29-03-2018. Apparently on this decision all employees will rejoice. But as it happens always...

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Guide to Approved Gratuity Fund

Gratuity is a lumpsum amount paid by an employer to its employees at the time of their retirement, superannuation or death. It is a way by which an employer expresses its thankfulness to its employees for remaining in continuous service....

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Taxation of Gratuity

People employed in organised sector and with governments receive gratuity at the time of their retirement/death. Gratuity also becomes payable on termination of services. The gratuity becomes payable only if one has service for continuous five years with the same employer. Though many of your might have received gratuity but most of you ...

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Salary Income – Answer to Common issues

section 17​​ of the Income-tax Act defines the term salary. However, not going into the technical definition, generally whatever is received by an employee from an employer in cash, kind or as a facility [perquisite] is considered as salary....

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Know About Payment of Gratuity Act 1972

Gratuity is lump sum payment made by an employer to an employee in consideration of his past service when the employment is terminated. It is paid for long and meritorious services rendered by an employee. With enactment of Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, gratuity payment has become mandatory and in case of non application of gratuity Act...

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How to Calculate Gratuity and its Tax Treatment

As per the Act, the gratuity amount is 15 days’ wage multiplied by the number of years put in by you. Here wage refers to basic salary plus dearness allowance. Take the monthly salary drawn by you last (basic + dearness allowance) at the time of resi...

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