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DISA (Information System Audit 3.0) by ICAI for Chartered Accountants

CA, CS, CMA : Explore significance of DISA (ISA 3.0) qualification by ICAI for Chartered Accountants. Learn about course, its benefits, and how ...

January 7, 2024 37515 Views 0 comment Print

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Pass CA Final Exam in 2023-24

CA, CS, CMA : Unlock success in the CA Final exam with this comprehensive guide for 2023-24. Explore strategies, study plans, time management ti...

August 5, 2023 2139 Views 0 comment Print

How To Clear CS Professional Exam With All India Rank

CA, CS, CMA : Ace the CS Professional Exam with an All India Rank using our expert tips. From understanding the exam structure to effective stud...

June 22, 2023 2103 Views 1 comment Print

Even If You Get 0, Go & Give Your Exam: A Tribute to My Father on Father’s Day

CA, CS, CMA : On Father's Day, reminisce about the author's CA Intermediate Exam days and how their father's encouragement led them to attempt ...

June 18, 2023 1569 Views 0 comment Print

Tips to Maximise Productivity While Awaiting CA Exam Results & Effective Time Utilization

CA, CS, CMA : Discover effective tips to maximize productivity while awaiting CA exam results. Engage in online courses, develop personal projec...

June 1, 2023 1209 Views 0 comment Print

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Result Analysis of Institute of Cost Accountants of India held in June 2023

Corporate Law : Check pass percentages and course completions for ICMAI Intermediate and Final examinations held in June 2023. Insights into candi...

September 27, 2023 1017 Views 0 comment Print

New Paper Exemption Rules for CA Exams from May 2024

CA, CS, CMA : The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has brought forward significant announcements on the 24th of August, 2023. ...

August 25, 2023 108657 Views 9 comments Print

ICAI CA Foundation Exam June 2023: Results & Analysis

CA, CS, CMA : Check the results and analysis of the ICAI Chartered Accountants Foundation Exam held in June 2023. Pass percentage and gender-wis...

August 11, 2023 1017 Views 0 comment Print

Request for for extension of Old Course of CA Final & IPCC

CA, CS, CMA : We have compiled a list of genuine reasons as to why the examination committee and the board of studies must consider an extension...

July 4, 2021 16539 Views 0 comment Print

ICAI announces Opt Out option for July 2021 CA Exams

CA, CS, CMA : An Examinee shall be entitled to exercise the option of opting out if he/she personally, or any of his/her family member (residing...

July 2, 2021 15513 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Judiciary

CA Exam July 2021- SC gives relief to Students (Read Order)

CA, CS, CMA : ICAI issues COVID-related opt-out facility for CA exams. SC directs expanded provisions. Last-minute center changes allowed. Next ...

June 30, 2021 31728 Views 3 comments Print

Delhi HC dismisses petition against CA Final Result Controversy

CA, CS, CMA : A perusal of the Regulation 39(2) in itself shows that the council has been granted a discretion to revise the marks obtained by t...

February 13, 2018 41241 Views 2 comments Print

Re-evaluation of CA Exam answer books cannot be Directed: Delhi HC

CA, CS, CMA : It is the contention of the appellant (A CA Final Student) that when he got the copy of the answer sheet, he found that the exami...

July 30, 2016 24187 Views 1 comment Print

How to score ATLEAST 60 in IPCC Audit

August 5, 2015 135411 Views 33 comments Print

My dear friends, The purpose of this article is to help the students in CA IPCC Audit subjects & not to take any credit in any manner. It has been prepared in consultation with 2 of my friends Vakeel Ali & Gaurav Vibhute who have got 69 Marks each in IPCC Audit. It has been […]

Preparation Strategy for CA Final Strategic Financial Management i.e. SFM. .!!

July 31, 2015 145429 Views 13 comments Print

Hello Friends, first of all, thanks a lot for giving such a favorable response to article on ‘Preparation Strategy for CA Final Financial Reporting. .!!’ Now in the same manner I would like to throw light on preparation of very interesting subject of CA Final i.e. Strategic Financial Management.

Preparation Strategy for CA Final Financial Reporting. .!!

July 29, 2015 101992 Views 15 comments Print

Friends all of you are going to be a Chartered Accountant and a CA is supposed to be very much familiar with this subject at least. We are studying this subject from 11th standard and this is a subject in which you can secure the highest.

Success Mantra for CA Exam. .!!

July 27, 2015 36532 Views 15 comments Print

Chartered Accountant is one of the best professional courses in India and its a great honor to be a Chartered Accountant (CA). Unbelievable marks are scored by most of the CA students. They think that they attempted the full paper; but marks are not up to mark – even 40s were not allotted !

Simple Yet Significant Exams Tips- Part 2

April 2, 2015 1260 Views 0 comment Print

After I got an overwhelming response to my first article titled Simple Yet Significant Exams Tips- Part 1, I decided to go in to further to give some more tips on preparation of examination and time management therein. I hope as earlier, these too render some help to fellow students and professionals.

A special post for all of those who cleared CA IPCC Exam

February 9, 2011 15849 Views 1 comment Print

Many many congratulations to all of those who have cleared CA IPCC this time .This is a time of great celebration and hope everyone celebrating his grand success in this exam. Beyond this there is one more thing which you may missed out while being b

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