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Determining costing in Service Industry

I. Introduction: Determining costing in a service industry is an essential concept since every service organization needs to ascertain its business overheads as service sector companies provide their customers with services or intangible products. Put simply, the term service costing or operational costing refers to the computation of the...

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How to determine costing in a manufacturing industry

Determining an appropriate costing of your product can make or break your business. Most business owners fail to understand the importance of costing which can actually help your business avoid running into troubles such as loss of profits, time mismanagement and over budgeting....

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Advisory on Treatment of Various Items of Cost in view of COVID19

Advisory on the Treatment of various items of Cost in light of Covid-19 pandemic & their Presentation / Disclosures in form CRA 3 of The Companies (Cost Records & Audit) Rules 2014 relating to the Accounting Period ending March 31, 2021...

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Treatment of Fixed Cost In Cost Accounting/Cost Records

The fixed Overhead amount is constant per period; the cost per unit of production varies with the volume, this variation is inverse since with increase in production, Cost per unit decreases as the same amount of fixed overheads is spread over larger units of production. As Graphical representation given below- Example:-    Case   Outp...

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Cost Accounting Standard on Cost of Production / Acquisition / Supply of Goods / Provision of Services

CAS-4 (REVISED 2018) COST ACCOUNTING STANDARD ON COST OF PRODUCTION / ACQUISITION / SUPPLY OF GOODS / PROVISION OF SERVICES The following is the Cost Accounting Standard (CAS-4) (Revised 2018) on “COST OF PRODUCTION / ACQUISITION / SUPPLY OF GOODS / PROVISION OF SERVICES” issued by the Council of the Institute of Cost Accountants of [...

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Guidance Note on Compilation Engagements by a Cost Accountant

Introduction The purpose of this Guidance Note on Compilation Engagements by a Cost Accountant is to provide guidance on the cost accountant’s professional responsibilities to compile cost statements and the form and content of the report, the cost accountant issues in connection with such compilation engagement. Objective of Compilatio...

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GST details in Draft Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Amendment Rules, 2018

NA 06/08/2018

Pursuant to introduction of GST, the Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules, 2014 are to be amended to incorporate resultant changes. Accordingly, the Draft Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Amendment Rules, 2018 have been placed on the Ministry's website for suggestions/ comments....

Product Costing – Creation of Costing bill of material (BOM) – SAP

Product cost – Expenses attributable to a particular product is Product Cost. Product costing is part of controlling module in SAP. Pre-requisites 1. Material Masters of RM, SFG, FG 2. Bill of Materials, Routing, Master Recipe 3. Work centers / Resources or equipment ID’s\ 4. Activity Types 5. Configuration – WIP, Variance, ...

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Costing In Health Care Sector

Introduction Hospital organizations have been facing difficulties and challenges in balancing limited resources and costs to provide their demand for services. Medical research has the effect in introduction of modern medical techniques and medicines, which usually causes the increase of consumed costs. Increasing costs of healthcare sy...

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Presentations on Standards on Cost Auditing: SCA 104

Presentation on Standard on Cost Auditing Knowledge of Business, its processes and the Business Envirnment (SCA 104)- An auditor needs to understand the clients business before audit of cost statements. [Current Business scenario, Nature of Business, Product Portfolio, Raw Material Prices Global impact etc., whether it is part of any regu...

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