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Companies Act

The Companies Act is a legislation that governs the formation, functioning, and management of companies. Explore the key provisions, compliance requirements, and legal framework under the Companies Act.

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Mediation and Conciliation under Companies Act, 2013: Framework, Implementation & Distinctions

Company Law : Explore mediation and conciliation under the Companies Act, 2013. Learn about their framework, implementation, and distinctions fr...

June 14, 2024 159 Views 0 comment Print

Options for Voluntary Closure of Companies in India

Corporate Law : Article explains various methods for voluntary company closure in India, including striking off, NCLT winding up, and voluntary li...

June 13, 2024 558 Views 0 comment Print

Mark the Due dates for the Company Annual Filing FY-2023-2024

Company Law : For the Company Annual Filing for FY 2023–2024, this includes due dates for income tax, event-based ROC filing, ROC Annual Retur...

June 12, 2024 5370 Views 0 comment Print

How to declare Dividend: Company Law Provisions

Company Law : Discover the intricacies of declaring dividends under Section 123 of the Companies Act, 2013. Learn about sources, rules, and proc...

June 12, 2024 507 Views 0 comment Print

Suo-Moto Actions on Non-Compliance by Companies: A Prudent Approach

Company Law : Proactive suo-moto actions on non-compliance by companies under the Companies Act, 2013, help mitigate penalties, reduce legal ris...

June 11, 2024 360 Views 0 comment Print

Latest News

ICMAI Advisory: Unit of Measure & Cost Audit Report Submission

CA, CS, CMA : ICMAI issues advisory for members regarding Annexures in Cost Audit Reports & timely submission. Ensure compliance for statutory r...

May 10, 2024 327 Views 0 comment Print

ICAI CCM Dhiraj Khandelwal clarifies on NFRA Order

Company Law : Delve into the NFRA order controversy with detailed analysis on penalty imposition, opinion disparities, and key issues. Gain insi...

April 30, 2024 10080 Views 0 comment Print

IEPFA Seeks Feedback to Enhance Claims Settlement Process

Company Law : IEPFA invites stakeholders to share insights on streamlining claims settlement process under the Companies Act, 2013. Deadline: Ap...

March 16, 2024 375 Views 0 comment Print

FRQRR Analysis: NFRA Review of PSP Projects Ltd. Financial Reporting Quality

Company Law : Dive into NFRA detailed Financial Reporting Quality Review (FRQRR) of PSP Projects Ltd. Uncover high and low impact observations, ...

February 24, 2024 576 Views 0 comment Print

FAQs on Cost Records Maintenance and Audit under Companies Act, 2013

Company Law : The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India FAQs Frequently Asked Questions on Maintenance of Cost Records and Audit thereof U...

February 17, 2024 1545 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Judiciary

NCLT cannot  unilaterally change appointed date while admitting scheme of arrangement 

Company Law : NCLAT rules NCLT's role in amalgamation schemes is supervisory, not appellate. Learn about the Marathon Nextgen Townships Pvt Ltd ...

June 9, 2024 255 Views 0 comment Print

Insolvency Dilemmas: NCLAT’s Verdict on Section 185 Compliance in CIRP Claims

Company Law : Explore the AVJ Heights vs. India Infoline case, NCLAT's stance on Section 185 compliance in CIRP claims, implications for financi...

May 30, 2024 279 Views 0 comment Print

Advance for Share Allotment Not a Financial Debt under IBC: NCLT

Corporate Law : Delve into the NCLT Kolkata case of Mittson Fille Enterprise vs. Sammaan Ventures Limited regarding share application money and fi...

May 24, 2024 264 Views 0 comment Print

Delhi HC Denies Interim Relief on NFRA Penalties in Reliance Capital Audit

Corporate Law : Delhi High Court refuses interim relief against NFRA penalties imposed on CAs and CA firm in the Reliance Capital audit lapses cas...

May 17, 2024 4605 Views 0 comment Print

Kerala HC Directs on Nidhi Companies: Operations Shouldn’t Become Impossible

Company Law : Kerala High Court issues directions on Nidhi Companies' status, highlighting concerns over recent amendments, financial regulation...

May 5, 2024 369 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

Failure to Comply with Section 90 Significant Beneficial Owner provisions: MCA Imposes Penalty

Company Law : Learn about MCA's penalty on Samsung SDI India for failing to comply with Section 90 provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. Detail...

June 14, 2024 51 Views 0 comment Print

Section 90 of Companies Act not applicable in absence of Indirect Shareholding or Control

Company Law : RTS Fashion Pvt Ltd adjudged for no indirect shareholding under Section 90 of Companies Act. Registrar of Companies issues penalty...

June 14, 2024 45 Views 0 comment Print

MCA Penalizes Samsung Display Noida Private Limited for Section 90(4A) Violation

Company Law : Explore the adjudication of penalties against Samsung Display Noida for breaching Section 90 of the Companies Act, 2013. Understan...

June 12, 2024 2175 Views 0 comment Print

MCA Imposes Rs. 5 Lakh Penalty for non-filing of DIR-12

Company Law : MCA penalizes Tritium Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Rs. 5 lakh for not filing DIR-12 for director resignation. Understand the implication...

June 12, 2024 675 Views 0 comment Print

Violation of Section 134(3)(h) related party disclosures: MCA imposes Rs. 8 Lakh Penalty

Company Law : MCA imposes Rs. 8 lakh penalty on Velotio Technologies for non-disclosure of related party transactions under Section 134(3)(h). D...

June 12, 2024 381 Views 0 comment Print

Govt may introduce Governance code for unlisted companies

November 20, 2009 634 Views 0 comment Print

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is all set to introduce a governance code for unlisted companies on the lines of the one for listed firms to encourage more companies to register on the stock exchanges. Elaborate disclosures and compliance with governance code is seen as one big reason why many companies do not want to raise public funds and list on exchanges.

No ceiling for managerial remuneration in Companies Law Bill 2009

November 10, 2009 342 Views 0 comment Print

The new Bill, which is likely to come up in the Budget session in 2010, proposes no cap on the remuneration of CEOs, letting the shareholders decide the issue. Thanks to the Companies Law Bill 2009, the expression ‘shareholders’ democracy’ is gaining in popularity. The Government argues that shareholders should have a say in deciding the managerial remuneration. But what does shareholders democracy actually mean?

Government planning to allow section 25 companies to set up higher educational institutions

November 10, 2009 3011 Views 0 comment Print

The government is planning to permit corporate houses to set up higher educational institutions — like multi-disciplinary universities and colleges — by floating a separate not-for-profit entity under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.

MAT applicable on capital gains included in book even if same is not liable to be taxed

November 6, 2009 35673 Views 1 comment Print

In the present case, it is not in dispute that the long term capital gain earned by the assessee is included in the net profit determined as per P&L account prepared as per Part II and Part III of Schedule VI to the Companies Act. In other words, it is not the case of die assessee that the capital gain earned by the assessee was not included in the net profit determined as per P&L account of the assessee prepared under the Companies Act.

Meaning, reason and legal provisions related to Hostile Takeover

September 19, 2009 6146 Views 0 comment Print

What is meant by Hostile Takeover? Hostile Takeover is a type of acquisition in which, the company being purchased (Target Company) does not want to be purchased at all, or does not want to be purchased by a particular buyer (Acquirer) that is making a bid. In other words, the Acquirer intends to gain control […]

Sneak peek into the ‘Secretarial Standards’

September 18, 2009 979 Views 0 comment Print

As we all know that The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has listed out numerous accounting principles and rules which are to be followed by the auditor fraternity while auditing the organizations they are appointed to audit for. ICAI has also introduced the Accounting Standards, most popularly called as ‘AS’ which are supplementary […]

SCODA proposed disclosure of audited balance sheet on a half-yearly basis by listed companies

September 16, 2009 351 Views 0 comment Print

Presently, all registered companies in India are required, inter-alia, under section 210 of the Companies Act, 1956 to lay down before its share holders, during its annual general meeting, a balance sheet, providing a statement of assets and liabilities of the company as at the end of the financial year. In terms of the above […]

Status of private limited company if shareholders exceed 50 and importance of records of ROC

September 14, 2009 1300 Views 0 comment Print

Supreme Court inter alia on prerequisites for conversion of a private company into a public company – It is not the records of the Registrar of Companies which determines the status of a company but the definition of a “private company” or “public company” as defined in section 3(1)(iii) and 3(1)(iv) of the Companies Act, 1956; having regard to the definition

Recognition can not be denied U/s. 80G (5) only on the ground that the particulars of donors are not provided by Institution or fund

September 9, 2009 2877 Views 0 comment Print

We have considered the rival submissions and perused the material on record. In our considered view , the reasons advanced by the learned CIT for refusing to grant continuation of recognition u/s 80G(5) are superfluous and do not stand to legal scrutiny within the meaning of section 80G(5).

Requirement and procedure for obtaining commencement of business certificate

September 9, 2009 36330 Views 0 comment Print

Certificate of Commencement of Business: Procedural Analysis The date of incorporation of a company may not be the date of commencement of business. A private company and a public limited company not having share capital are not required to comply with any other formalities and may commence its business activities immediately after obtaining the certificate of incorporation from the […]

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