Accounting Codes for the taxable services introduced vide the Finance (No. 14) Act, 2010

Circular No. 124/6/2010-TRU, dated 29-6-2010

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Heads of Account under the Major Head “0044-Service Tax” in respect of the new taxable services have been allotted by the Office of the Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC.

2. Accounting Codes for the purpose of payment of service tax are as follows:

Sl.No. Taxable Services Accounting Code
Tax Collection Other Receipts Deduct Refunds
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1. Service of promoting, marketing or organizing of games of chance, including lottery, Bingo or Lotto [Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzn)] 00440595 00440596 00440597
2. Health service: (a) health check-up undertaken by hospitals or medical establishments for employees of business entities and (b) health services provided under health insurance schemes offered by insurance companies[Finance Act 1994, Section 65 (105) (zzzzo)] 00440598 00440599 00440600
3. Service of maintenance of medical records of employees of business entity[Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzp)] 00440601 00440602 00440603
4. Service of promoting a brand of goods, services, events, business entities, etc[Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzq)] 00440604 00440605 00440606
5. Service of permitting commercial use or exploitation of any event organized by a person or organization[Finance Act 1994, Section 65 (105) (zzzzr)] 00440607 00440608 00440609
6. Service provided by electricity exchange [Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzs)] 00440610 00440611 00440612
7. Service related to (a) transferring temporarily or (b) permitting the right to use or enjoyment of any copyright defined in the Copyright Act, 1957 and services related two types of copyright not covered under Intellectual Property Right(IPR) Service, namely those on (a) cinematographic films and (b) sound recording [Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzt)] 00440613 00440614 00440615
8. Special service provided by a builder etc, to the prospective tax buyers such as providing preferential location or external or internal development of complexes on extra charges[Finance Act 1994, Section 65(105)(zzzzu)] 00440616 00440617 00440618

Note: A. The sub-head “other receipts” is meant for interest, penalty leviable on delayed payment of service tax

B. The sub-head “deduct refunds” is not to be used by the assessees, as it is meant for the Revenue/Commissionerates while allowing refund of tax

C. Primary education cess on all taxable services will be booked under 00440298 and Secondary Higher Education Cess will be booked under 00440426

D. If NSDL have issued any dummy codes for revenue collection and interest/penalty for the above eight services, all these dummy codes should be treated as void and may be replaced by the correct account codes as stated above

5. Description of taxable services provided at column (2) of the given table for ease of reference, does not limit the scope of the taxable service.

6. Trade Notice/Public Notice may be issued to the field formations and taxpayers.

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