Cir No.IMD/FII&C/ 4 /2010,  June 29, 2010

All Foreign Institutional Investors through their designated Custodians of Securities

Dear Madam/Sir

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Sub:- Reporting of Lending of securities bought in the Indian Market.

  1. Please refer to Circular No. IMD/FII&C/32/2008 dated October 16, 2008 read with Circular No. IMD/FII&C/34/2008 dated October 20, 2008 related to reporting of information pertaining to securities lent by the FIIs to entities abroad.
  2. Based on these reports, FIIs have been submitting daily reports based on which disclosures have been made available for public dissemination at http://203. 199.12.5 1/SecuritiesLentMain.html twice in a week, one on Tuesday and another on Friday.
  3. On a review it has been decided to modify the periodicity of these reports from daily submissions to weekly submissions. In accordance with this change in periodicity of reports, the FIIs shall now be required to submit the reports every Friday.
  4. The above shall be effective from July 02, 2010 and the first such weekly report shall be submitted by July 09, 2010.
  5. The public dissemination has also accordingly been changed to once a week – i.e. every Tuesday. The first such weekly dissemination shall be made on July 13, 2010.
  6. In view of the change in the periodicity of the reporting, PN issuing FIIs would be required to submit the following undertaking along with the weekly report:

“Any fresh short position shall be immediately reported to SEBI”

7.This information is required to be submitted by the FIIs to SEBI only to the dedicated e-mail id-

8.This circular is available on our website

Yours faithfully,

Jeevan Sonparote
General Manager

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