Need to Duplicate Share Certificates:

What will you do if you lose an important document such as your Share Certificate? It can prove to be a nightmare as there are chances of the document being misused, leading to a huge financial loss. If you have lost or misplaced your share certificates of any company, you need to immediately inform the police and respective company, of which you had the shares. You must need to quote the folio number and details of share certificates to the company for their reference. When a company receives an intimation that you have lost the shares, the folio number or the details provided to the company are frozen in lieu of the lost one. This is done by the company to prevent any fraud or transfer of shares.

Lost Share Certificates_ Step by Step Guide to Obtain of Duplicate Share Certificate

Simplified step by step procedure to issue duplicate share certificates:

In order to obtain Duplicate Share Certificates, You need to Lodge a complaint with Police Station and submit a Copy of FIR (mentioning Folio No, Share Certificate(s), Unit Name, Distinctive No(s) and no. of lost shares) in original or attested by notary/gazette officer. Please note that FIR should have/contain clear impression of rubber stamp of the concerned Police Station.

Execute Indemnity and Affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of the Value of requisite Value duly attested by Notary Public/Special Executive Magistrate respectively. The affidavit should be attested by the notary with appropriate notarial stamps affixed together with the seal and the Registration No. of the Notary.

Stamp Paper must be purchased only in the name of the executor .i.e., Registered Shareholder.

Questionnaire Form to be filled by the Applicant issued by Company or Registrar in respect of Securities for which original certificates are lost.

Obtain Surety Form along with his Proof of identity like Pan Card duly attested by Notary.

Surety supporting documents like salary certificate/pay slip or a copy of latest Assessment Order passed by Income Tax authorities or proposed valuation Report issued by Revenue Authorities/Municipal Authorities /Secretary of Gram panchayat duly attested y a Notary officer. Income of surety should be more than the present market value of shares.

Full name, address, and signature of the surety should appear in the indemnity Bond and Surety form to be filled by the same person who has signed as surety on the Indemnity.

Self Attested copy of PAN Card.

Shareholders’ Proof of Residence like Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Water Bill/ Passport/Driving License duly attested by the notary and latest Bank statement/  passbook of the shareholder.

Any correction/modification on these documents need initials of the executors.

All the particulars of the shares like Folio No, Certificate No. and Distinctive Numbers to be mentioned in the Indemnity and Affidavit.

Obtain Specimen Signature duly attested by your Banker.

Request Letter duly signed by the shareholder for the issue of duplicate share certificate and change of address.

Make an Application to the Company or the Registrar with abovementioned documents by Registered Post. While sending the documents please mention your telephone or mobile number/Email ID in your covering letter.

After ascertaining all the documentary requirements, the Company/Registrar shall issue Duplicate Share Certificates. The new Certificates issues shall bear a remark of “Duplicate Share Certificate

In case, you found your original Share Certificates later, it is recommended to surrender the Duplicate Share Certificates immediately to the Company/Registrar.

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  1. Ashish Saran says:

    I have the folio number and exact details of shares in my name but share certificates missing. Can someone help get duplicate share certificates issued for a fee. Ashish

  2. Viviane Atkinson says:

    Hi I have been trying to find some shares of my late husband for nearly 3 years
    He bought them from NatWest which was sold to TD or computer share
    I have some details but no certificate I have tried but they just keep saying no
    Can you advice me plz

  3. Dipesh says:

    i have some information, that my grandfather was had some shares of big company, but they unfortunately pass away, and we dont have any documents or any information of the shares, what should we have to do, for issuing duplicate share certificate, pls advice

  4. Atul dusad says:

    What if I have only folio number, don’t have certificate number and distinctive numbers, how do I claim duplicate shares of a limited company?
    This shares are misplaced since 15 years, just got folio number some how..

  5. ashish sharma says:

    What if I have only folio number, don’t have certificate number and distinctive numbers, how do I claim duplicate shares of a limited company?
    This shares are misplaced since 15 years, just got folio number some how..

  6. Dakshita Chheda says:

    I went to police to lodge FIR they denied, they said they can give NOC, I insisted for FIR the officer got angry, now what should I do, I have share of RIL, the share certificates were not received by us when they were issued due to address issue & now we have no idea where certificates are … please help what I m supposed to do police officer denied to lodge FIR he gave NOC reason being said uh have lost 10years ago …..

  7. abhaykumar parmanandbhai parikh says:

    Resp.sir, we are three brother.ever brother had individual share with my lt. father means joint name with father.we had court matter after some year court disposed the father was dead before appear case in court. my second younger brother had all share certificates in his possession before a month he is died in usa where he was PR now his son refuse to give certificate how can i receive duplicate certificate. i have my father and brother death certificate and court judgement copy .now what procedure i have to adopt.

    1. VFAPL says:

      Feel free to contact us in this regard and we can assure you professional service to sort this out for you and recover the said certificates. Kindly drop us a mail at [email protected] or watsapp us at 9010519292/9440526627.

  8. Rajesh says:

    In case of shares held in the name of person ( single holder) who expired, how the procedure to be carried out? Who can lodge request with Company, lodge FIR/complaint with Police station, Name on Stamp paper etc.?


    I went to police station to lodge FIR for lost share certificate. They have refused to even entertain my complaint & told me that it was beyond their authority. I tried my level best but all police station personnel including station in charge have refused to take my complaint & lodge FIR. What to do ?

  10. Deepak Gupta says:

    Please confirm the value of stamp paper for Indemnity bond and case of unlisted public Company.
    further public notice is mandatory.

  11. paresh says:

    I just know the folio number and the number of shares.
    As the shares certificate are lost i am unable to trace Distinctive No(s).
    What should i do??

    Please guide me.

  12. Hema says:

    Hi Deepika,

    In case of loss of share certificate, should the company pay stamp duty again for value of shares again? I understand we pay stamp duty for Affidavit & Indemnity bond. I want to know for the value of shares.

  13. Pankaj Madaan says:

    In your case, Company will issue duplicate share certificate in the name of Mr. Raja. After it, Mr. raja can transfer his shares to HUF.

  14. S K Sarda says:

    Thank You Deepika for the nice writeup.

    I have a query-

    If- Mr Raja- a member of HUF holds certificates in his personel name, how it can be transferred to HUF’s name.


    S K Sarda

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