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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Discontinuation of printing of Advance & EPCG Authorisations- Reg. Circular No. 07/2019-Customs 21/02/2019
CBIC Rescinds Circular No. 132/95-Customs dated 22.12.1995 Circular No. 06/2019-Customs 20/02/2019
Amendments to All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback wef 20.02.2019 Circular No. 05/2019-Customs 20/02/2019
CBIC Rescinds Circular No. 46/2017-Customs dated 24.11.2017 Circular No. 04/2019-Customs 01/02/2019
Labelling/ fixing RSP allowed for statutory compliance in Customs Bonded Warehouse Circular No. 03/2019-Customs 31/01/2019
Customs Post Clearance Audit- reg Circular No. 02/2019-Customs 08/01/2019
IGST Export Refunds: Resolution of Export General Manifest errors Circular No. 01/2019-Customs 02/01/2019
CBIC defers RFID – Electronic sealing of goods Circular No. 54/2018-Customs 31/12/2018
CBIC allows operations U/s. 65 to continue in public bonded warehouses up to 31.01.2019 Circular No. 53/2018-Customs 28/12/2018
Revision of AIR of Duty Drawback wef 19.12.2018- Things to know Circular No. 52/2018-Customs 12/12/2018
Manual filing & processing of AEO T1 applications up to 31.03.2019 Circular No. 51/2018- Customs 07/12/2018
Clarification on Customs & Central Excise notifications related to EOUs Circular No. 50/2018-Customs 06/12/2018
How to dispose un-claimed/un-cleared cargo lying with custodians Circular No. 49/2018-Customs 03/12/2018
Procedure for movement of goods under TIR Carnets Circular No. 48/2018 –Customs 03/12/2018
Corrigendum to Circular 44/2018-Customs dated 13.11.2018 Circular No. 47/2018-Customs 27/11/2018
Advisory on ENDS, e-Cigarettes, e-Nicotine, Flavoured Hookah etc. Circular No. 46/2018-Customs 27/11/2018
Clarification for re-imports through Post Circular No. 45/2018-Customs 19/11/2018
Uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by PGAs Circular No. 44/2018-Customs 13/11/2018
Uploading of Supporting Documents (eSANCHIT) in Exports -reg. Circular No. 43/2018-Customs 08/11/2018
Reg. Transhipment of Export Cargo from Bangladesh to third countries Circular No. 42/2018-Customs 02/11/2018
Customs Electronic sealing implementation extended to 01st January, 2019 Circular No. 41/2018-Customs 30/10/2018
IGST Refund when refund scroll generated for a much lesser IGST Circular No. 40/2018-Customs 24/10/2018
Owner of goods to procure a RFID seal from destination warehouse Circular No. 39/2018-Customs 23/10/2018
Procedure in cases of manufacturing or other operations undertaken in bonded warehouses Circular No. 38/2018-Customs 18/10/2018
IGST refunds cannot be claimed after claiming drawback Circular No. 37/2018-Customs 09/10/2018