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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Passbook scheme for duty free imports -CBEC Instructions Circular No. 62/95- Custom Duty 07/06/1995
Re-import of exported goods – Duty leviability explained Circular No. 61/95-Custom Duty 06/06/1995
Ovaprim imported before 16/3/95 are also entitled to duty exemption Circular No. 60/95-Custom Duty 06/06/1995
Customs refund applications regulations – CBEC clarification Circular No. 59/95-Custom Duty 05/06/1995
Circular No. 57/95-Custom Duty Dated 30/5/1995 Circular No. 57/95-Custom Duty 30/05/1995
Interest on arrears of confirmed demand Circular No. 58/95-Custom Duty 31/05/1995
Circular No. 56/95-Custom Dated 30/5/95 Circular No. 56/95-Custom Duty 30/05/1995
Circular No. 55/95-Custom Duty Dated 30/5/1995 Circular No. 55/95-Custom Duty 30/05/1995
Recovery of Govt. dues – guidelines issued Circular No. 54/95-Custom Duty 30/05/1995
DEEC Scheme – Clearance of bulk commodities may be allowed at any other ports than specified Circular No. 53/95-Custom Duty 29/05/1995
Circular No. 52/95-Custom Duty Dated 25/5/1995 Circular No. 52/95-Custom Duty 25/05/1995
Customs Refund Applications regulations – CBEC clarifications Circular No. 51/95-Custom Duty 24/05/1995
TR Rules – Doubts/disputes about baggage to be referred to Addl. Collector Circular No. 50/95-Custom Duty 18/05/1995
Monitoring of EOUs and Debonded / Converted Units working in same premises Circular No. 38/95-Custom Duty 17/05/1995
EOU/EPZ Units export to Nepal – No export in bond permitted if payment is in Indian Rupees Circular No. 48/95-Custom Duty 16/05/1995
Electronic Goods – Inputs Import Clearance – Notif. No. 203/92-Cus Circular No. 49/95-Custom Duty DBK 15/05/1995
Weight calculation for duty liability Circular No. 46/95-Custom Duty 04/05/1995
Broad banding Inputs for Export Products Circular No. 47/95-Custom Duty 03/05/1995
Circular No. 44/95-Custom Duty Dated 1/5/1995 Circular No. 44/95-Custom Duty 01/05/1995
Circular No. 43/95-Custom Duty Dated 26/4/1995 Circular No. 43/95-Custom Duty 26/04/1995
Circular No. 42/95-Custom Duty Dated 24/4/1995 Circular No. 42/95-Custom Duty 24/04/1995
Circular No. 45/95-Custom Duty Dated 19/4/1995 Circular No. 45/95-Custom Duty 19/04/1995
Foreign travel tax – Revision of forms Circular No. 41/95-Custom Duty 19/04/1995
Statement of Monthly Report in respect of IATT Collection and Collection charges paid to the Airlines Circular No.40/95-Custom Duty 18/04/1995
DTA sale by EOUs etc. of Import Negative List items – No 50% duty concession Circular No. 39/95-Custom Duty 18/04/1995