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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Intimation on goods cleared at 50% duty falling under 2203.00, 2204.30, 2206.00 and 2207.20 Circular No. 24-95-Custom Duty 21/03/1995
Sale of books from shipping vessels in port Circular No. 23/95-Custom Duty 21/03/1995
Antique handicrafts items export – No routine references Circular No. 22/95-Custom Duty 16/03/1995
100% EOUs closure/failure to export – Demand of duty Circular No. 21/95-Custom Duty 10/03/1995
VBAL/QBAL – Export Declarations – Further clarifications Circular No. 20/95-Custom Duty (DBK) 08/03/1995
Advance Intermediate Licence for iron & steel under Engg. goods export scheme – Customs instructions Circular No. 19/95-Custom Duty (DBK) 08/03/1995
Fishing Passes – Periodicity for Renewals Revised Circular No. 18/95-Custom Duty 06/03/1995
Consumer/Commercial goods bought in India in FOREX – Export baggage allowed as Circular No. 17/95-Custom Duty 01/03/1995
Circular No. 16/95 Custom Duty Dated 24/2/1995 Circular No. 16/95 Custom Duty 24/02/1995
Horticulture etc. 100% EOUs – Exemption from Customs Supervision Circular No. 15/95-Custom Duty 23/02/1995
Circular No. 14/95-Custom Duty Dated 22/2/1995 Circular No. 14/95-Custom Duty 22/02/1995
DEEC Scheme Telegraphic Release Advise Circular No. 12/95-Custom Duty 20/02/1995
EOUs / EPZ Units – Inter-Unit Transfer Circular No. 13/95-Custom Duty 15/02/1995
Advance Licence – Nexus between export product and imported input to continue to be established Circular No. 11/95-Custom Duty 15/02/1995
Circular No. 10/95-Custom Duty Dated 2/2/1995 Circular No. 10/95-Custom Duty 02/02/1995
CBEC Classificatory Circulars on Customs – New series introduced Circular No. 9/95-Custom Duty 31/01/1995
Circular No. 7/95-Custom Duty Dated 24/1/1995 Circular No. 7/95-Custom Duty 24/01/1995
Imported goods Adjudication by Collector of goods valued above Rs. 10 Lakhs Circular No. 8/95-Custom Duty 23/01/1995
Circular No. 6/95-Custom Dated : 23/01/95 Circular No. 6/95-Custom Duty 23/01/1995
Encyclopedia Britannica 1994 entry prohibited Circular No. 5/95-Custom Duty 18/01/1995
TR Rules – Diplomatic and other Personnel Recall in Public interest – Ad hoc relief in duty on baggage Circular No. 4/95-Custom Duty 12/01/1995
Fire arms import under baggage / TR Rules Circular No. 3/95-Custom Duty 12/01/1995
Duty free import of items specified in the input-output norms for writing instruments Circular No. 2/95-Custom Duty 11/01/1995
Advance Licence – Instructions for verification of SBs covering exports Circular No. 1/95-Custom Duty 04/01/1995