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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Irregular counting of some exports under Advance Licenec Scheme & EOU Scheme Circular No. 49/97-Custom Duty 14/10/1997
Jewellery EP Schemes – Relaxations for Banks, Bond Value, etc. Circular No. 48/97-Custom Duty 13/10/1997
Powers of adjudication of Additional Commissioner of Customs Circular No. 47/97-Custom Duty 06/10/1997
Delection of explosives and other war materials in imported consignments of hevy melting scrap – Procedure for disposal Circular No. 46/97-Custom Duty 06/10/1997
CTV Components Classification for Imports Circular No. 44/97- Custom Duty 30/09/1997
Tamper proof bottle seals compulsory for containers Circular No. 43/97-Custom Duty 22/09/1997
Electronic Hardware Exports – Simplification of Procedure Circular No. 42/97- Custom Duty 19/09/1997
Transfer of imported goods for re- warehousing Circular No. 41/97-Custom Duty 19/09/1997
Vessels carrying coastal goods – Relaxation in Customs Procedures Circular No. 40/97-Custom Duty 19/09/1997
Duty Exemption Scheme – Export/ Import through more Stations Circular No. 39/97-Custom Duty 19/09/1997
Foreign Travel Tax Revised to Rs. 750/- Circular No. 37/97-Custom Duty 18/09/1997
Logging of garment exports in DEEC book Circular No. 36/97-Custom Duty 16/09/1997
Circular No. 35/97-Custom Duty Dated 13/9/1997 Circular No. 35/97-Custom Duty 13/09/1997
Passbook Scheme-No exemption to duty assessed in excess of credit in Passbook/ DEPB Circular No. 34/97-Custom Duty 10/09/1997
Clarification regarding Corporate Guarantee Circular No. 38/97-Custom Duty 09/09/1997
Procedure to be followed by Commissioner of Customs while forwarding SLP proposals to the CBEC Circular No. 33/97-Custom Duty 04/09/1997
EOUs/ EPZU’nits – Work allocation ACs, DCs and Commissioners redefined Circular No. 32/97- Custom Duty 01/09/1997
Duty on goods after expiry of Ware holusing period Circular No. 31/97-Custom Duty 14/08/1997
Drawback recovery on export where sale proceeds not realized Circular No. 30/97-Custom Duty 12/08/1997
Vegetable oils of edible grade incluvegetable oils fit for human consumption – Eligible to duty exemption under Notif. 11/97-Cus. Circular No. 29/97-Custom Duty 31/07/1997
DEPB – Import can be made at any of four ports even if registration is at one port under TRA system Circular No. 28/97-Custom Duty 29/07/1997
Gold etc. import procedure for MMTC/STC/SBI/HHEC for exporters Circular No. 27/97-Custom Duty 08/07/1997
Customs clarifications on EXIM Policy provisions covering DTA sales by EOUs/ EPZ units and personal carriage of samples of jewellery /stones Circular No. 26/97-Custom Duty 08/07/1997
EOUs/ EPZ Units – Rough Diamonds re-export up to 5% of import of indigenous procurement permitted Circular No. 25/97-Custom Duty 08/07/1997
Software Tech. Park Units – Use of Computers for Training Circular No. 24/97-Custom Duty 07/07/1997