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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Single Bond required for Surety/ security Circular No. 14/98-Custom Duty 10/03/1998
Customs Valuation Rule 10A – Rejection of Declared Value Circular No. 13/98-Custom Duty 09/03/1998
Circular No. 12/98-Custom Duty Dated 5/3/1998 Circular No. 12/98-Custom Duty 05/03/1998
Customs Notification/ Circular etc. to contain – Running Serial Numbers Circular No. 4/98-Custom Duty 23/02/1998
Assessing Officers to Sign in Full with Rubber Stamp Circular No. 10/98-Custom Duty 11/02/1998
Disposal of unclaimed/uncleared cargo-Procedure Announced Circular No. 11/98-Custom Duty 11/02/1998
Exhibits Re-import from Abroad – Only One Examination for Customs Clearance Circular No. 9/98-Custom Duty 11/02/1998
Ship Stores/Ship Spares Clearance from Bonded Warehouse and Despatch to Shipping Corpn. -Strict Escort Instructions Circular No. 8/98-Custom Duty 11/02/1998
Duty Exemption to Software for Data Processing Machines Only – software for Telecom, Medical, etc. Applications Not Eligible Circular No. 7/98-Custom Duty 10/02/1998
Duty free import of goods be accredited journalists Circular No. 6/98-Custom Duty 23/01/1998
DEPB Scheme – Imports Facility through TRA at Hyderabad Circular No. 5/98-Custom Duty 23/01/1998
BG for 5% of gold value (and not bond amount) obtained for nominated agencies Circular No. 3/98-Custom Duty 20/01/1998
Customs Staff for Handling Addl. Work Load Circular No. 2/98-Custom Duty 05/01/1998
Conversion of SBs into Drawback SBs – Factual Raport from Commissionerates Circular No. 74/97-Custom Duty 30/12/1997
Misuse of Excise Exemption by EOU Circular No. 73/97-Custom Duty 23/12/1997
Transportation of imported goods for re-warehousing – Insurance is compulsory Circular No. 72/97-Custom Duty 23/12/1997
Conversion of PB SBs into DBK SBs Circular No. 71/97-Custom Duty 23/12/1997
EHTP Units inside / outside the Complex – Realignment of Procedure Circular No. 70/97-Custom Duty 16/12/1997
Revised Guidelines for determination / verification of the Present Market Value (PMV) under DEPB Scheme Circular No. 69/97-Custom Duty 08/12/1997
Circular No. 68/97-Custom Duty Dated 2/12/1997 Circular No. 68/97-Custom Duty 02/12/1997
Duty Free Imports on Nodal Ministry’s Certificate Circular No. 67/97-Custom Duty 02/12/1997
No Cess on imported Synthetic rubber Circular No. 65/ 97-Custom Duty 27/11/1997
Customs House Agents Licencing – Regulations, 1984 Amended Circular No. 66/97-Custom Duty 27/11/1997
Export of Rough Diamonds purchased from the Market Permitted Circular No. 64/ 97-Custom Duty 25/11/1997
Specified Import Cargo- Fast Track Clearance Procedure Circular No. 63/97-Custom Duty 21/11/1997