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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Streamlining export data to include District level details in Shipping Bills–reg Circular No. 09/2020-Customs 05/02/2020
Reg. Transhipment of Export Cargo from Bangladesh to third countries through LCS Circular No. 08/2020-Customs 05/02/2020
Custom procedure of inspection/appraisement of second hand machinery Circular No. 07/2020-Customs 05/02/2020
Revision of All Industry Rates (AIRs) of Duty Drawback wef 04.02.2020 Circular No. 06/2020-Customs 30/01/2020
Implementation of Automated Custom Clearance on Pilot Basis Circular No. 05/2020-Customs 27/01/2020
Clarification relating to import of gifts-reg. Circular No. 4/2020 – Customs 21/01/2020
Facility of beneficiary uploading documents through e-SANCHIT to deactivate from 31.01.2020 Circular No. 03/2020-Customs 15/01/2020
Levy and Collection of SWS on imports under MEIS and SEIS Circular No. 02/2020-Customs 10/01/2020
New official email id for correspondences related to Office of Commissioner (Investigation-Customs) Circular No. 01/2020-Customs Duty 20/01/2020
Requirement of mandatory uploading on e-Sanchit- Reg. Circular No. 42/2019-Customs 29/11/2019
Clearance of import of metal scrap – Procedure – Regarding Circular No. 41/2019-Customs 29/11/2019
Auto Out of Charge under Express Cargo Clearance System (ECCS) Circular No. 40/2019-Customs 29/11/2019
Pr. DG/DG DRI can appoint Pr. Commissioner/ Commissioner of Customs as adjudicating authorities Circular No. 39/2019-Customs 28/11/2019
Advisory on Amendment in Import policy of Iron & Steel Circular No. 38/2019-Customs 21/11/2019
CBIC mandates quoting of DIN on Custom Notices etc Circular No. 37/2019-Customs 05/11/2019
Import, trading & re-export of rough diamonds by notified entities Circular No. 36/2019-Customs 31/10/2019
Amendment in Import & Export Policy of electronic cigarettes- reg Circular No. 35/2019-Customs 01/10/2019
Procedure to follow in case of manufacturing or other operations undertaken in bonded warehouses Circular No. 34/2019-Customs 01/10/2019
Disposal of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs)/Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS)/ Drones Circular No. 32/2019-Customs 20/09/2019
Duty drawback in cases of short realisation of export proceeds due to charges of foreign banks Circular No. 33/2019-Customs 19/09/2019
Revised Norms for Execution of Bank Guarantee under Advance Authorisation, DFIA and EPCG Schemes Circular No. 31/2019-Customs 13/09/2019
Guideline & mode of Disposal of seized/confiscated foreign origin liquor Circular No. 30/2019-Customs 11/09/2019
Eligibility Criteria for availing of DPD Scheme by Importers -reg Circular No. 29/2019-Customs 05/09/2019
Putting of mono-cartons on Bottled in Origin alcoholic beverages in bonded warehouses Circular No. 28/2019-Customs 03/09/2019
Roll out of Project Import Module in ICES Circular No 27/2019-Customs 03/09/2019