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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Forwarding of samples for testing when jurisdictional laboratory does not have testing facility Circular No. 28/2018-Customs 30/08/2018
Setting up of Office of Commissioner (Investigation-Customs) created under CBIC Circular No. 30/2018-Customs 29/08/2018
Clarification regarding bank guarantee requirement for bond executed by EOUs Circular No. 27/2018-Customs 14/08/2018
Simplification & rationalization of processing of AEO-T1 application Circular No. 26/2018-Customs 10/08/2018
SOP for discharge of bonds related to Gold imported for Export Circular No. 25/2018-Customs 08/08/2018
Mandatory RFID sealing postponed to 1st October, 2018 Circular No. 24/2018-Customs 31/07/2018
Procedure for nominated agencies to import gold/ silver/ platinum against Export Circular No. 23/2018-Customs 23/07/2018
IGST refund: Rectification facility to shipping bills filed upto 30.06.2018 Circular No. 22/2018-Customs 18/07/2018
IGST refund related issues: CBIC set-up help desks Circular No. 21/2018-Customs 18/07/2018
CBIC Circular on Health warning on Cigarettes and other Tobacco products Circular No. 20/2018-Customs 20/06/2018
Electronic sealing – Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded Warehouses Circular No. 19/2018-Customs 18/06/2018
Procedure for e-commerce exports through Post & clarification regarding personal imports Circular No. 18/2018-Customs 13/06/2018
Powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs- reg Circular No. 17/2018-Customs 13/06/2018
Monetary limits for adjudication by Custom officers in cases liable to confiscation Circular No. 16/2018-Customs 08/06/2018
Processing of IGST refund claims stuck due to SB003 error & Extension of date for cases having SB005 error Circular No. 15/2018-Customs 06/06/2018
Procedure for e-commerce exports through Post & clarification on personal imports-reg Circular No. 14/2018-Customs 04/06/2018
Revised instruction for stuffing and sealing of reefer containers- reg. Circular No. 13/2018-Customs 30/05/2018
Govt to issue pending IGST refund on the basis of undertakings/ submission of CA certificates Circular No. 12/2018-Customs 29/05/2018
CBIC List of 27 Outside Laboratories for Forwarding of samples for testing Circular No. 11/2018-Customs 17/05/2018
Import of EOUs/EHTP/STP /BTP without payment of duty Circular No. 10/2018-Customs 24/04/2018
Remnant fuels classifiable under heading 2710 Circular No. 09/2018-Customs 19/04/2018
Refund of IGST on Export: Extension of date in SB005 alternate mechanism Circular No. 08/2018-Customs 23/03/2018
Refund of IGST on Export – EGM Error related cases Circular No. 06/2018-Customs 16/03/2018
Refund of IGST on Export– Invoice mis-match Cases –Alternative Mechanism with Officer Interface Circular No. 05/2018-Customs 23/02/2018
Amendments to All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback effective from 25.01.2018 Circular No. 04/2018-Customs 24/01/2018