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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Imports by United Nations and its Agencies-Regarding Circular No. 04/2001-Custom Duty 18/01/2001
All Industry Rates of Drawback in respect of man-made fabrics falling under Chapters 54, 55 and 58 of the Drawback Table – regarding, Drawback Circular No. 03/2001-Custom Duty 16/01/2001
Circular No. 2/2001-Custom Duty, Dated: 15/01/2001 Circular No. 2/2001-Custom Duty 15/01/2001
Duty drawback on handicrafts/articles of composite materials- SS No.73.27 and SS No.74.19/ 191 of the Drawback Table – regarding Drawback Circular No. 1/2001-customs Duty 09/01/2001
Drawback Circular No. 105/2000-Custom Duty Dated 20.12.2000 Drawback Circular No. 105/2000-Custom Duty 20/12/2000
Validity of brand rate letters issued by the Ministry Circular No. 104/2000-Custom Duty 19/12/2000
Application of PFA Act, 1954 for the clearance of consignments of food articles – instructions – regarding Circular No. 103/2000-Custom Duty 15/12/2000
Eligibility of All Industry Rate (AIR) of Drawback to goods exported under DFRC Scheme during 1.4.2000 to 31.5.2000 Circular No. 102/2000-Custom Duty 01/12/2000
Circular No. 101/2000-Customs Dated 30.11.2000 Circular No. 101/2000-Custom Duty 30/11/2000
Procedure for verification of DEPB scrips Circular No.100/2000-Custom Duty 30/11/2000
Circular No. 99/2000-Customs Dated 30.11.2000 Circular No. 99/2000-Custom Duty 30/11/2000
Drawback circular No 98/2000-Custom Duty Dated 29.11.2000 Drawback circular No 98/2000.Custom Duty 29/11/2000
Circular No. 97/2000-Custom Duty Dated 29.11.2000 Circular No. 97/2000-Custom Duty 29/11/2000
Drawback Circular No.96/2000-Custom Duty Dated 28.11.2000 Drawback Circular No.96/2000-Custom Duty 28/11/2000
Duty drawback on Brass Builder Hardware under SS No.74.17 of the Drawback Table – reg Drawback Circular No. 95/2000-Custom Duty 28/11/2000
Duty drawback on All kind of Bags under SS No.63.09 of the Drawback Table Drawback Circular No 94/2000-Custom Duty 28/11/2000
Circular No.93 /2000-Custom Duty Dated 21.11.2000 Circular No.93/2000-Custom Duty 21/11/2000
Procedures Governing Operation of Units in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) – Reg Circular No. 92/2000-Custom Duty 20/11/2000
Circular No. 91/2000-Custom Duty Dated 20.11.2000 Circular No. 91/2000-Custom Duty 20/11/2000
Recovery of dues/inspection fees levied under the Destructive Insects and Pests Act, 1914 – regarding Circular No. 90/2000-Custom Duty 07/11/2000
Export frauds – Suggestions for improvement in assessment and examination procedure – regarding Circular No. 89/2000-Custom Duty 07/11/2000
DEPB – export of embroidered fabrics and fabrics contain! metallised yarn, and ladies’ dresses Circular No. 88/2000-Custom Duty 06/11/2000
Administrative Control over Export Oriented Units (EOUs) / Export Processing Zones- Instructions Reg Circular No. 87/2000-Custom Duty 02/11/2000
Circular No. 86/2000-Custom Duty Dated 1.11.2000 Circular No. 86/2000-Custom Duty 01/11/2000
EPCG Scheme – Notification No. 29/97-Cus – capital goods for marine/textile/chemical sectors – zero duty benefit – classification issued Circular No. 85/2000-Custom Duty 27/10/2000