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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Levy of interest on delayed payment of duty – relevant date under Section 47 (2) of the Customs Act, 1962 Circular No. 64/2000-Custom Duty 26/07/2000
DEFB Scrips – Utilisation for payment of duty under other schemes – Restriction Circular No. 63/2000-Custom Duty 17/07/2000
Circular No. 62/2000-Custom Duty Dated 14.7.2000 Circular No. 62/2000-Custom Duty 14/07/2000
Cargo – Movement of imported cargo by containers / trucks from Airports / ACCS to ICDs/CFSs/Airports/ACCS Circular No. 61/2000-Custom Duty 13/07/2000
Customs Duty on share certificates imported for sale or dematerialisation Circular No. 60/2000-Custom Duty 12/07/2000
Duty Free Replenishment Certificate Scheme, announced in EXIM Policy 2000-2001 Circular No. 59/2000-Custom Duty 11/07/2000
Circular No. 58/2000-Custom Duty Dated 10.7.2000 Circular No. 58/2000-Custom Duty 10/07/2000
Warehousing – Delegation of Board’s power to Chief Commissioners Circular No. 57/2000-Custom Duty 07/07/2000
Cargo – Consolidation of cargo at gateway port Circular No. 55/2000-Custom Duty 30/06/2000
Drawback — clarification on silk carpets & synthetic carpets Circular No. 54/2000-Custom Duty 12/06/2000
Central Excise – Monthly payment of duty by SSI- withdrawal of instruction consequent to changes brought in Budget 2000-2001 Circular No. 53/2000-Custom Duty 06/06/2000
Transshipment of Containers from Gateway ports to ICDs/CFSs Circular No. 56/2000-Custom Duty 05/07/2000
Drawback – A.I. rates effective from 1.6.2000 – instructions regarding Circular No. 52/2000-Custom Duty 01/06/2000
Special Economic Zone – procedure governing operation of units Circular No. 51/2000-Custom Duty 26/05/2000
EOUs/EPZ/EHTP/STP Units—B17 bonds – debit of only 25% of duty foregone Circular No. 50/2000-Custom Duty 24/05/2000
Drawback – payment on fabricated export documents modus operandi – circular Circular No. 7/2000-Custom Duty 24/05/2000
Circular No. 48/2000-Custom Duty Dated 22.05.2000 Circular No. 48/2000-Custom Duty 22/05/2000
Transshipment of cargo — 25% security to be taken Circular No. 47/2000-Custom Duty 19/05/2000
Liquid cargo — finalisation of provisional assessment Circular No. 46/2000-Custom Duty 18/05/2000
Life saving drugs — intravenous amino acids containing carbo-hydrates/electrolytes – not eligible for duty exemption Circular No. 45/2000-Custom Duty 16/05/2000
Drawback — payment under EDI system – CIF/C&F price Circular No. 44/2000-Custom Duty 15/05/2000
Warehoused goods — rate on slab basis for different periods Circular No. 43/2000-Custom Duty 15/05/2000
EOUs/EPZ/EHTP/STP Units — clarifications on provisions of EXIM Policy vis–vis Excise & Customs Notifications Circular No. 49/2000-Custom Duty 12/05/2000
EPCG/Duty exemption schemes—clarifications; DFRC Scheme – DFRC-cum-DBK SB to be filed Circular No. 42/2000-Custom Duty 12/05/2000
Circular No. 41/2000-Customs, Dated 12.05.2000 Circular No. 41/2000-Custom Duty 12/05/2000