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Title Notification No. Date
SEBI issues list of 193 defaulting Companies Press Release No. 198/2015 31/07/2015
SEBI cancels Registration of Sahara Mutual Fund Press Release No. 193/2015 28/07/2015
Streamlining process of public issues- Obviating the need to issue cheques Press Release No. 167/2015 23/06/2015
Exit Order in respect of UP and MP Stock Exchange PR No. 154-155/2015 09/06/2015
Last date for making an application for grant of registration under SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 Press Release No.131/2015 14/05/2015
Exit Order in respect of Madras Stock Exchange Limited (MSE) PR No. 132/2015 14/05/2015
Compensating victims (if identifiable) of Insider Trading offences PR No. 122/2015 06/05/2015
Action against 112 Companies for issue of Shares without compliance of law Press Release No. 116/2015 23/04/2015
SEBI Board approves ‘SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities by Municipality) Regulations, 2015’ Press Release No. 70/2015 22/03/2015
SEBI- SARAL Account Opening Form (AOF) for Individual Investors Press Release No. 50/2015 04/03/2015
Exit order in respect of Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange Ltd (BhSE) Press Release No. 32/2015 10/02/2015
Issue of partly paid shares & warrants by Indian companies Press Release No. 19/2015 22/01/2015
Exit order in respect of Ludhiana Stock Exchange Ltd Press Release No. 185/2014-SEBI 31/12/2014
SEBI issues Concept Paper on proposed framework for issuance & listing of debt securities by municipalities Press Release No. 182/2014-SEBI 30/12/2014
Do not invest in schemes offered by entities barred by SEBI from raising money Press Release No. 174/2014-SEBI 17/12/2014
SEBI cautions investor – Issues list of 51 Companies Press Release No. 165/2014-SEBI 11/12/2014
Commencement of SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 Press Release No. 140/2014-SEBI 28/11/2014
SEBI to strengthen Insider Trading Regulations & to bring more clarity PR No. 130/2014 19/11/2014
Crowd-funding: The Emergence of a New Channel of Fund Raising Press Release No. 70/2014-SEBI 21/07/2014
SEBI to share KYC details of clients with other financial sector regulators Press Release No. 63/2014-SEBI 19/06/2014
SEBI commences Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) Regime Press Release No. 53/2014-SEBI 02/06/2014
Karvy guilty of irregularities in IPO; Barred for 6 Month to do business as stock broker Press Release No. 26/2014-SEBI 18/03/2014
SEBI recommends increase in 80C limit to Rs. 2 Lakh Press Release No. 12/2014-SEBI 13/02/2014
SEBI approves the proposal to make the IPO grading mechanism “voluntary” Press Release No. 125/2013 24/12/2013
Salient features of Justice Sodhi Committee report on Insider Trading Regulations Press Release No. 120/2013 11/12/2013