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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Extension -Interest Equalization Scheme on Pre & Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit RBI/2022-23/60 DOR.STR.REC.39/04.02.001/2022-23 31/05/2022
Bharat Bill Payment System – Amendment to guidelines RBI/2022-2023/58 CO.DPSS.POLC.No. S-253/02-27-020/2022-23 26/05/2022
Interoperable Card-less Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) at ATMs RBI/2022-23/54 CO.DPSS.POLC.No.S-227/02-10-002/2022-23 19/05/2022
New Definition of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises – Clarification RBI/2022-23/52 FIDD.MSME & NFS.BC.No.7/06.02.31/2022-23 19/05/2022
RBI clarifies on presentation of reverse repo on balance sheet Notification No. RBI/2022-23/55 DOR.ACC.REC.No.37/21.04.018/2022-23 19/05/2022
RBI allows lending by commercial banks to NBFCs & lending by SFBs to NBFC-MFIs on an on-going basis RBI/2022-23/50 FIDD.CO.Plan.BC.No.5/04.09.01/2022-23 13/05/2022
RBI notification on treatment of unamortised expenditure on account of enhancement in family pension Notification No. S.O. 2142(E). 09/05/2022
RBI Increase Policy Rates by 40 basis Points- Read Notifications Notification No. RBI/2022-23/46 DOR.RET.REC.33/12.01.001/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/45 DOR.RET.REC.32/12.01.001/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/44 REF.No.MPD.BC.S33/07.01.279/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/42 FMOD.MAOG.No.144/01.01.001/2022-23 04/05/2022
LIC IPO: ASBA designated branches to remain open on 08.05.2022 (Sunday) RBI/2022-23/43 DOR.LEG.REC.No.35/09.07.005/2022-23 04/05/2022
Bank to maintain average Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of 4.50%: RBI Notification No. DOR.RET.REC.34/12.01.001/2022-23 04/05/2022
RBI withdraws 225 circulars in third tranche of recommendations RBI/2022-23/38 DoS.CO.PPG./SEC.02/11.01.005/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/39 DoR.RRA.31/01.01.101/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/40 DCM (Admin) No. S172/19.01.010/2022-23, RBI/2022-23/41 FMRD.DIRD.01/14.03.059/2022-23 02/05/2022
Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) (Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. S.O. 1802(E) 12/04/2022
Maintenance of SLR- Cash to include balances held by banks with RBI under SDF DOR.RET.REC.16/12.01.001/2022-23 08/04/2022
PMLA: Govt permits 38 reporting entities to perform Aadhaar authentication Notification No. S.O. 1702(E). 08/04/2022
RBI enhances existing HTM limit of NDTL to 23 per cent of NDTL RBI/2022-23/21 DOR.MRG.REC.14/21.04.141/2022-23 08/04/2022
Balances held by banks with RBI under SDF shall not be eligible for CRR maintenance RBI/2022-23/23 DOR.RET.REC.15/12.01.001/2022-23 08/04/2022
Individual Housing Loans – Rationalisation of Risk Weights till 31.03.2023 RBI/2022-23/20 DOR.CRE.REC.13/08.12.015/2022-23 08/04/2022
Guidelines for Establishment of Digital Banking Units RBI/2022-23/19 DOR.AUT.REC.12/22.01.001/2022-23 07/04/2022
RBI Framework for Geo-tagging of Payment System Touch Points RBI/2021-22/187 CO.DPSS.OVRST.No.S1738/06-08-018/2021-2022 25/03/2022
RBI notifies Net owned Fund for NBFCs to commence business Notification No. DOR.CRE.060.CGM(MM) 2022 17/03/2022
RBI notifies non-applicability of Sections 45IA, 45IB & 45IC to NBFCs Notification No. DoR. FIN. REC. 95 /CGM (JPS)-2022 14/03/2022
RBI excludes Mapusa Urban Co-op Bank of Goa from schedule bank list Notification No. DOR.MON/4347/12.22.156/2021-22 10/03/2022
Tumkur Pattana Sahakara Bank Niyamitha ceased to be a co-op bank DOR.MON. No. 3862/07.12.000/2021-22 09/03/2022
Reporting and Accounting of Central Government transactions of March 2022 RBI/2021-22/176 CO.DGBA.GBD.No.S1422/42-01-029/2021-2022 24/02/2022
Implementation of ‘Core Financial Services Solution’ by NBFCs RBI/2021-22/175 DoS.CO.PPG.SEC/10/11.01.005/2021-22 23/02/2022