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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Transfer of Unutilized Raw Material from one EOU/ EPZ/ STP/EHTP Unit to another EOU/EPZ/STP/EHTP Unit under Paragraph 6.16 of the Policy- Reg Circular No. 91/2002-Custom Duty 20/12/2002
Issuance of Transhipment Permit at Ports on Saturdays – reg Circular No. 90/2002-Custom Duty 19/12/2002
Powers of Adjudication of Additional / Joint Commissioners of Customs – reg Circular No. 87/2002-Custom Duty 17/12/2002
Customs procedure for shipment of export cargo to Bangladesh by the inland waterways route from Haldia Docks Complex-reg Circular No. 89/2002-Custom Duty 17/12/2002
Supply of Goods by EOU/EPZ/SEZ units against Special Entitlement of Duty Free Import of Goods -Clarification Reg Circular No. 88/2002-Custom Duty 17/12/2002
Valuation treatment of royalty/license fees payable on imported films- reg Circular No. 86/2002-Custom Duty 12/12/2002
SC decision in the case of GMMCO in the context of Related Party Transaction- reg Circular No. 85/2002-Custom Duty 11/12/2002
Revision of All Industry Rates of Drawback in respect of a few entries of the Drawback Table 2002-2003 – reg Circular No. 84/2002-Custom Duty 10/12/2002
Classification of Plan Stearin. – Reg Circular No. 81/2002-Custom Duty 03/12/2002
Classification of Metal Oxide Varistors for surge Arresters under the Customs Tariff. – Reg Circular No. 78/2002-Custom Duty 28/11/2002
Admissibility of DEPB credit and Market verification for ascertaining the present market value under DEPB Scheme -reg Circular No. 77/2002-Custom Duty 27/11/2002
Implementation of the Circulars and instructions issued by the Central Board of Excise & Customs-reg Circular No. 75/2002-Custom Duty 12/11/2002
Deduction of Air Freight element from f.o.b. value – reg Circular No. 74/2002-Custom Duty 08/11/2002
Drawback u/s 74 of Customs Act in respect of re-exported goods Circular No. 72/2002-Custom Duty 01/11/2002
Supply/Transfer of Capital Goods/Manufactured Goods from one EOU/EPZ/EHTP/STP/SEZ unit to another EOU/EPZ /SEZ/EHTP/STP Reg Circular No. 71/2002-Custom Duty 30/10/2002
Circular No. 70/2002-Customs, Dated: 25.10.2002 Circular No. 70/2002-Custom Duty 25/10/2002
Eligibility of reusable plastic containers for duty free import under notification No.104/94-Cus. – Reg Circular No. 69/2002-Custom Duty 25/10/2002
Warehousing – Applicability of interest on warehoused goods -reg Circular No. 68/2002-Custom Duty 24/10/2002
Circular No.67/2002-Custom Duty, Dated: 09.10.2004 Circular No. 67/2002-Custom Duty 09/10/2002
Subject: Simplification of Certain Procedures Relating to Functioning of EOUs/ EPZ /STP /ETHP/SEZ Units-Issue of Procurement Certificate and CT-3- Reg Circular No. 66/2002-Custom Duty 08/10/2002
Permission to send out goods for job work by EOUs/EPZ/STP/EHTP/SEZ Units-Reg Circular No. 65/2002-Custom Duty 07/10/2002
Market verification for ascertaining the present market value under DEPB Scheme and admissibility of DEPB credit-reg Circular No. 63/2002-Custom Duty 27/09/2002
Levy of penalty under section 114A of Customs Act, 1962 Clarification- reg Circular No. 61/2002-Custom Duty 20/09/2002
General permission for Authorised Dealers to import currency notes from their overseas branches – reg Circular No. 60/2002-Custom Duty 13/09/2002
Full exemption from customs duty to goods imported for the Computerized Inventory Control Project of the Ministry of Defence- reg Circular No. 57/2002-Custom Duty 10/09/2002