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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2003-2004 -reg Circular No. 23/2003-Custom Duty 01/04/2003
DTA Sale of Power by EOUs and units in EPZ/SEZ/EHTP/STP- De-linking of Such Sale from the DTA Sale Entitlement of the Units-Reg Circular No. 22/2003-Custom Duty 31/03/2003
Circular No. 21/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 28.03.2003 Circular No. 21/2003-Custom Duty 28/03/2003
Introduction of new stamps by the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan-reg Circular No. 20/2003-Custom Duty 27/03/2003
Exemption from Declarations-Goods sent for testing abroad subject to re-import – instructions reg Circular No. 19/2003-Custom Duty 27/03/2005
Guidelines for considering request for exemption from payment of customs duty under Section 25(2) of Customs Act,1962 Circular No. 18/2003-Custom Duty 24/03/2003
Removal of Laptop Computers and Video Projection System Temporarily out of EOU or EHTP / STP/SEZ Unit-Reg Circular No. 17/2003-Custom Duty 24/03/2003
Enhancement/Loading on invoice price-regarding Circular No. 16/2003-Custom Duty 17/03/2003
Imports of free gifts under Bilateral Agreement Circular No. 15/2003-Custom Duty 11/03/2003
Circular No. 14 -Custom Duty, Dated; 6.01.2003 Circular No. 14/2003-Custom Duty 06/03/2003
Examination norms for export goods at port of export for exports by EOUs and units in SEZs-reg Circular No. 13/2003-Custom Duty 03/03/2003
Sanction of All Industry Rate of Duty Drawback pending fixation of Brand Rate of Drawback-regarding Circular No. 10/2003-Custom Duty 17/02/2003
Duty Drawback on Composite Items-regarding Circular No. 9/2003-Custom Duty 17/02/2005
Acceptance of self-declaration as to the non-availment of Cenvat facility for extending the duty drawback Circular No. 8/2003-Custom Duty 17/02/2003
Admissibility of drawback and Market verification for ascertaining the present market value under Drawback Scheme-reg Circular No. 7/2003-Custom Duty 05/02/2003
Circular No.6/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 28.01.2003 Circular No. 6/2003-Custom Duty 28/01/2003
Circular No. 05/2003-Custom duty, dated 21.01.2003 Circular No. 5/2003-Custom Duty 21/01/2003
Circular No. 4/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 21.1.2003 Circular No. 4/2003-Custom Duty 21/01/2003
Circular No. 3/2003-Custom duty, dated; 14.1.2003 Circular No. 3/2003-Custom Duty 14/01/2003
Duty drawback rates for Non-Alloy steel and Alloy steel forgings-regarding Circular No. 2/2003-Custom Duty 03/01/2003
Circular No. 1/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 2.01.2003 Circural No. 1/2003-Custom Duty 02/01/2003
Assessment of bulk liquid cargo – ship ullage survey report Vs shore tank receipt Circular No. 96/2002-Custom Duty 27/12/2002
Assessment of Duty of Gold/Silver in SEZ-Clarification Reg Circular No. 95/2002-Custom Duty 23/12/2002
Import of pets under Baggage – Reg Circular No. 94/2002- Custom Duty 23/12/2002
Removal of Brass Borings/Scrap to the Job Worker for Recycling into Brass Bars-Reg Circular No. 93/2002-Custom Duty 20/12/2002