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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Circular No. 66/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 28.07.2003 Circular No. 66/2003-Custom Duty 28/07/2003
Acceptance of self-declaration as to the non-availment of Cenvat facility for extending the duty drawback Circular No. 65/2003-Custom Duty 28/07/2003
Limit for payment of agency commission on exports-reg Circular No. 64/2003-Custom duty 21/07/2003
Customs procedure for export of container cargo from ICDs/CFSs in India to Bangladesh and Nepal through LCSs- reg Circular No. 61/2003-Custom Duty 18/07/2003
Misuse of Non-quota Entitlement against export of Garments to Russia by 63 Indian exporters-reg Circular No. 58/2003-Custom Duty 16/07/2003
Circular No. 57/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 27.06.2003 Circular No. 57/2003-Custom Duty 27/06/2003
Dutiability of Coke Breeze generated in the process of manufacturing of Pig iron/steel Circular No. 56/2003-Custom Duty 27/06/2003
Duty drawback rates for Non-Alloy steel and Alloy steel forgings-regarding Circular No. 55/2003-Custom Duty 25/06/2003
Exports from Inland Container Depots (ICDs)-regarding Circular No. 54/2003-Custom Duty 25/06/2003
Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) for Rough Diamonds-Implementation-Reg Circular No. 53/2003-Custom Duty 23/06/2003
Classification of Badian Khatal Fruit (Star Aniseeds) Circular No. 52/2003-Custom Duty 23/06/2005
Implementation of New Revised 8 digit HS Codes in exports documents and export DTRs to be transmitted to DGCI&S, Kolkata-reg Circular No. 51/2003-custom Duty 18/06/2003
Customs procedure for shipment of export cargo/import cargo to/from Bangladesh by the inland waterways route from Haldia Docks Complex-reg Circular No. 50/2003-Custom Duty 12/06/2003
Guidelines for considering request for exemption from payment of Customs Duty under Section 25(2) of Customs Act, 1962 Circular No. 49/2003-custom Duty 10/06/2003
Revised norms for execution of Bond and Bank Guarantee under Advance License and EPCG Schemes-reg Circular No. 48/2003-Custom Duty 06/06/2003
Section 166 of the Finance Act, 2003- Incorporation of provisions relating to Prosecution in the Finance Act, 1989 in respect of Inland Air Travel Tax-Reg Circular No. 47/2003-Custom Duty 06/06/2003
Change of port in the Shipping documents pending amendment in AEPC certificate for hosiery exports-Reg Circular No. 46/2003-Custom Duty 05/06/2003
Circular No.45/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 04.06.2003 Circular No. 45/2003-Custom duty 04/06/2003
Classification of goods described as “Magnetic Accupressure Treatment System”-regd Circular No. 44/2003-Custom Duty 29/05/2003
Nepalese Gazette notification prohibiting the possession of Indian currency notes of Rs. 1000/-denomination in Nepal- Necessary action-reg Circular No. 43/2003-Custom duty 22/05/2003
Administrative Control over Export Oriented Units (EOUs)/Special Economic Zones-Instructions Reg Circular No. 41/2003-Custom duty 14/05/2003
Circular No. 40/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 12.05.2003 Circular No. 40/2003-Custom Duty 12/05/2003
Imposition of anti-dumping duty on raw silk, testing of grades-reg Circular No. 39/2003-Custom Duty 07/05/2003
Stock Transfer by an EOUs to DTA, Whether Covered under DTA sale of the EXIM Policy – Clarification regarding Circular No. 38/2003-Custom Duty 06/05/2003
Standard set of guidelines for appointment of Custodian of EPZs/ICDs/CFSs- reg Circular No. 37/2003-Custom Duty 28/04/2003