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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Prohibition on export of Non-basmati Rice-exemption for export to Bangladesh Notification No. 03(RE-2010)/2009-2014 30/08/2010
Exemption for import of goods by the Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games 2010 Notification No. 02(RE-2010)/2009-2014, 27/08/2010
Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-2014 incorporating the Annual Supplement as updated on 23rd August, 2010 Notification No. 1(RE-2010)/ 2009-2014, 23/08/2010
Amended earlier Notification No. 44/2009-14 dated 21.05.2010 Cotton, not carded or combed free with effect from 01.10.2010 Notification No. 58/2009-14 17/08/2010
Export of Basmati Rice including PUSA Basmati Rice Notification No. 57/2009-2014 17/08/2010
Prohibition on export of wheat-exemption for export of wheat to Bangladesh Notification No. 56/2009-2014 06/08/2010
Prohibition on export of Non-basmati Rice –exemption regarding Notification No. 55/2009-2014 06/08/2010
Amendments in Table A of the Schedule 2 of the ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items, by inserting entry at S.No. 7A of HBP NOtification No. 54/2009-2014, 03/08/2010
Import policy for “off-the-air GSM monitoring technology”- DGFT notification no. 53/2009-2014 Notification No. 53/2009-2014 15/07/2010
Import Policy of items under Code 7326 90 99 Notification No. 52/2009-2014 08/07/2010
Alignment of Schedule I of ITC (HS) Classification with Customs Tariff entries Notification No. 51/ 2009-2014 08/07/2010
Notification No. 50/2009-2014, Dated: 06.07.2010 Notification No. 50/2009-2014 06/07/2010
Prohibition on import of milk and milk products from China Notification No. 49/2009-2014 24/06/2010
Mandatory Indian quality standards Notification No. 48/2009-2014 15/06/2010
Notification No. 47/2009-2014-Import policy of radial tyres Notification No. 47/2009-2014 26/05/2010
Amendments in Notification No. 44/2009-14 dated 21.5.2010 Notification No. 46/2009-14 24/05/2010
Export of Stone Aggregate to Maldives for the year 2010-2011 Notification No. 45/2009-2014 21/05/2010
Amendments in the Schedule 2, Table B of ITC HS Classifications of Export and Import Items, with immediate effect Notification No. 44/2009-14 21/05/2010
Import policy of worn clothing and other worn articles Notification No. 43/2009-14 19/05/2010
Prohibition on Export of Non-basmati Rice-exemption regarding Notification No. 42/2009-2014 21/05/2010
Notification No. 41/2009-2014, Dated: 18.05.2010 Notification No. 41/2009-2014 18/05/2010
Prohibition on export of wheat-exemption for export of wheat to Bangladesh video Notification No. 40/2009-2014 12/05/2010
Amendment in the Notification No.26/2009-14 dated 25.1.2010 regarding export of Animal by Products to EU vide Notification No. 39/2009-2014 Notification No. 39/2009-2014 04/05/2010
DGFT notification 38/2009-2014-Regarding Compulsory registration of cotton yarn export contracts Notification No. 38/2009-2014 09/04/2010
Amendment in the ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import items Notification No. 37/2009-2014 09/04/2010