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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) announced on 31.8.2004- Amendment of notifications relating to EOU and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Schemes Circular No. 54/2004-Customs Duty 13/10/2004
Waiver of filing GR forms for exports of value below US $ 25,000 under Foreign Exchange Management Regulations Circular No. 53/2004-Customs Duty 13/10/2004
Bank Guarantee for transshipment of import & export cargo from Gateway Ports to Feeder Ports/ICDs/CFSs and vice versa Circular No. 52/2004-Customs Duty 07/10/2004
Assessment of Automobile parts namely ‘Lever Combination Switch’ declared as switch Circular No. 51/2004-Customs Duty 01/10/2004
Synchronization of holidays by Ports/Airports and the Customs Authority-regarding Circular No. 50/2004-Customs Duty 01/10/2004
Guidelines relating to issue of Trade Notices/Public Notices Circular No. 49/2004-Customs Duty 02/09/2004
Drawal of Samples of Raw Silk Imported from China by 100% EOU/SEZ Circular No. 48/2004-Customs Duty 24/08/2004
Administrative control over ICDs/CFSs-reg Circular No. 47/2004-Customs Duty 13/08/2004
Monitoring of Export Obligation under EPCG Scheme Circular No. 46/2004-Customs Duty 26/07/2004
Import of non-standard tapes-instructions Circular No. 45/2004-Cutoms Duty 05/06/2004
Transfer of Supreme Court cases pertaining to Customs to Legal Cell of the CBEC Circular No. 44/2008-Customs Duty 22/06/2004
Clarifications on CHALR 2004 Circular No. 42/2004-Customs Duty 10/06/2007
Levy of National Calamity Contingent duty under the Finance Act, 2003 Circular No. 41/2004-Customs Duty 07/06/2004
Concessional rate of duty on import of Gold & Silver under NTF. No. 62/2004-Customs, Dt.12/05/2004 Circular No. 40/2004-Customs Duty 04/06/2004
Implementation of provisions of clause (3), sub-clause (22) of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003 Circular No. 39/2004-Customs Duty 03/06/2004
Regarding appropriate customs representation in the FTA negotiating team Circular No. 37/2004-Customs Duty 26/05/2004
Posting of Cost Recovery Officer in EOU/EHTP/STP Circular No. 36/2004-Customs Duty 24/05/2004
Circular No. 35/2004-Customs Duty, Dated; May 20, 2004 Circular No. 35/2004-Customs Duty 20/04/2004
Filing of Import Manifest before arrival of the vessel or aircraft Circular No. 34/2004-Customs Duty 13/05/2004
Operationalisation of the Provision of Chapter X A of the Customs Act, 1962-Issuance of SEZ Rules and Regulations Circular No. 33/2004-Customs Duty 12/05/2004
Customs Valuation Rules,1988-Determination of assessable value for goods sold on high seas Circular No. 32/2004-Customs Duty 11/04/2004
Directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 14.10.2003 in the matter of WP No. 657/95 Circular No. 31/2004-Customs Duty 26/04/2004
Filing of Import Manifest before arrival of the vessel or aircraft Circular No. 30/2004-Customs Duty 16/04/2004
Customs Valuation Rules, 1988 -Inclusion of barging/lighterage charges in the assessable value Circular No. 29/2004-Customs Duty 13/04/2004
Extension of benefit of Notification No. 51/96-Cus., dated 23-7-1996 on goods imported by Private Colleges Circular No. 28/2004-Customs Duty 06/04/2004