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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Instruction to stop Facility of Payment of Subscriptions/Contribution to Tier-II Account of NPS through Credit Card CIR No: PFRDA/2022/18/SUP-POP/02 03/08/2022
Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) (Third Amendment) Order, 2022 Notification No. S.O. 3777(E). 03/08/2022
Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022 Bill No. 185 of 2022 02/08/2022
e-Investment Choice for Government sector NPS subscribers Circular No. PFRDA/2022/17/SUP-CRA/05  01/08/2022
IRDAI Master Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering/ (AML/CFT), 2022 Ref: IRDAI/IID/GDL/MISC/160/8/2022 01/08/2022
Draft IRDAI (Expenses of Management of Insurers Transacting General or Health Insurance Business) Regulations, 2022 Ref. No: IRDAI/F&I/ED/EMT/161/8/2022 01/08/2022
New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (Amendment) Bill, 2022 Bill No. 186 of 2022 29/07/2022
Responsible Innovation through Regulatory Sandbox (RS) Circular no. PFRDA/2022/15/FT&DA/01 28/07/2022
IBBI suspends registration of IP for a period of one year Order No. IBBI/DC/1 18/2022 28/07/2022
EPFO Issues Guidelines/Clarification on Absence of Employer-Employee Relationship of Student-Trainees Under EPF Act. File No. Compliance/TrainingSchemesUnderStateGovt/2021-22/9503 27/07/2022
Lok Sabha passes Central Universities (Amendment), Bill 2022 Bill No. 176 of 2022 27/07/2022
MahaRERA: Declaration of Separate Bank Account for real estate projects Order No. 34 / 2022 27/07/2022
Subscriber Centric Services through DigiLocker to NPS holders & Intermediaries Circular No. PFRDA/2022/16/SUP CRA/4 27/07/2022
IBBI directs Insolvency Professional to undergo pre-registration educational course Order No. IBBI/DC/117/2022 26/07/2022
Govt appoints Judicial & Technical Members in NCLAT Notification No. S.O. 3462(E) 22/07/2022
IBBI directs IP to undergo pre-registration educational course No. IBBI/DC/116/2022 22/07/2022
Notaries (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. G.S.R. 597(E). 22/07/2022
Working Group on Accounting of Premium, Claims & Related Expenses Ref. No: IRDAI/F&I/ORD/MISC/152/7/2022 21/07/2022
IBBI suspends registration of IP for outsourcing his responsibilities No. IBBI/DC/115/2022 20/07/2022
Insurers empowered to empanel network providers that meet standards & benchmarks criteria Ref. No: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/MISC/150/7/2022 20/07/2022
IBBI warns Liquidator for delay in submission of quarterly reports Order No. IBBI/DC/114/2022 19/07/2022
Procedure for seeking WFH permission -Rule 43A of SEZ Rules, 2006 File No. DC/NSEZ/2022/WFH/5936 19/07/2022
Uniform policy for A&C Department of Unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi Office Order No. A&C (HQ)/MCD/2022-23/119 15/07/2022
IRDAI repeal 34 Circulars Ref No: IRDAI/Life/CIR/MISC/147/7/2022 15/07/2022
Govt declares ‘zero coupon zero principal instruments’ under SCRA, 1956 Notification No. S.O. 3210(E) 15/07/2022