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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Notified exempt Services by Govt to person with turnover up to Rs. 10 lakh Notification No. 26/2016-Service Tax 20/05/2016
Haj Mansarovar Pilgrimage ST Exemption for 01.07.12 to 19.08.14 Notification No. 25/2016-Service Tax 17/05/2016
IRS (Customs and Central Excise ) Group ‘A’ Rules, 2016 G.S.R. 438(E) 22/04/2016
POT for services provided by Govt or local authority to business entity Notification No. 24/2016-Service Tax 13/04/2016
Service Tax (Determination of Value) Amendment Rules, 2016 Notification No. 23/2016-Service Tax 13/04/2016
10 types of govt services exempt from Service Tax Notification No. 22/2016-Service Tax 13/04/2016
Point of Taxation (Second Amendment) Rules, 2016 Notification No. 21/2016-Service Tax 30/03/2016
CBEC Revises Service Tax Return Form- ST-3 Notification No. 20/2016-Service Tax 08/03/2016
Service Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2016 Notification No. 19/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Notification No.18/2016-Service Tax Dated 1/3/2016 Notification No. 18/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Seeks to bring into effect certain provisions of notification No. 05/2015-ST dated 01.03.2015 Notification No. 17/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Reverse Charge Mechanism: Applicability of Notification No. 7/2015-ST Notification No. 16/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Services provided by government or local authorities to business entities Notification No. 15/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Interest Rate on delayed Service Tax Payment reduced to 15% Notification No. 14/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Higher Interest Rate on Service Tax collected but not paid in time Notification No. 13/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Services provided by BIRAC approved incubators to incubatees exempted from service tax Notification No. 12/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
ST exemption to software recorded on a media bearing RSP Notification No. 11/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Rule making powers in respect of Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 Notification No. 10/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Budget 2016: Notification for Changes in Service Tax Exemption Notification No. 09/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Budget 2016: Notification amending Abatement under Service Tax Notification No. 08/2016-Service Tax 01/03/2016
Tax on services by Govt to businesses with turnover below 10 Lakh Notification No. 07/2016-Service Tax 18/02/2016
All services by Govt to business entities taxable from April 1, 2016 Notification No. 06/2016-Service Tax 18/02/2016
Reg. Swachh Bharat Cess on all taxable services Notification No. 05/2016-Service Tax 17/02/2016
Service Tax & Central Excise (Furnishing of AIR) Rules, 2016 Notification No. 04/2016-Service Tax 15/02/2016
Rebate of Swachh Bharat Cess paid on all services, used in providing services exported Notification No. 03/2016-Service Tax 03/02/2016