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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Guidelines for scrutiny of invalid returns selected through CASS F. No. 225/333/2019/ITA-11 29/11/2019
Release of various collection report in ITBA-OLTAS environment ITBA-OLTAS Instruction No.2 28/11/2019
Verification check list for assistance of AOs for OCM Cases Instruction No. 15 15/11/2019
Completion of time barring e-Assessment-regarding F. No. Pr. DGIT(S)/Tech/Time-barring E-assessment/2019-20 08/11/2019
Roll out of functionality for auto generation of DIN in respect of order passed in ITD-AST F. No. System/ITD/Instruction/AST-DIN/2019-20 25/10/2019
Changes in facility for generation of DIN for manual documents in ITBA/ITD – Reg ITBA - Common Functions Module/Instruction No. 5 25/10/2019
Delegate Functionality to delegate work to subordinates in ITBA ITBA - Common Functions Instruction No. 4 30/09/2019
Roll out of facility to access e-assessment records ITBA - Audit Module/Instruction No. 9 26/09/2019
Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) – Assessment Module – CASS 2019 Instruction No. 1-CASS 2019 24/09/2019
CBDT prescribes time-frame for handling grievances of Startups F. No. 173/149/2019-ITA-I 23/09/2019
Share secret info about overseas black money with ED, CBI only with permission: CBDT to I-T Officials F.No. 500/163/2017/FT&TR-III 18/09/2019
AO should not share their RSA token & ITBA password with staff: DIT(S) F. No. Systems/ITBA/Common Module/160/2016-17(part file)Admn./ 17/09/2019
Issue of DIN on Intimation Letter for documents uploaded manually in ITBA ITBA - Common Functions Module/Instruction No.3 17/09/2019
Monetary appeal filing limit not applicable to Gain through penny stocks F. No. 279/Misc./M-93/2018-ITJ(Pt.) 16/09/2019
Functionality to process returns having Income Tax refund claims ITBA-Processing Instruction No. 9 12/09/2019
Selection of Case of Search Years in ITBA Assessment module TBA - Assessment Instruction No. 12 12/09/2019
Approval of CIT (Intl. Taxation) not required for certificates U/s. 197/195 if revenue effect is less than Rs. 10 crore Notification No. F.No.275/16/2019-IT(B) 02/09/2019
Non-Filers/Stop filers of Income Tax Returns to get Notices soon ITBA — ITR Processing Instruction No. 8 29/08/2019
CBDT to furnish data of Appeal withdrawals to PM Office F.No.279/Misc./M-35/2018-ITJ 29/08/2019
Revised monetary limits is applicable, to all pending SLPs/ appeals: CBDT F. No.279/Misc/M-93/2018-ITJ 20/08/2019
Angel Tax relaxation to Startups even if addition was made before 19.02.2019 F.No.173/354/2019-ITA-1 09/08/2019
Check list for Cash deposited during demonetisation F.No.225/145/2019-ITA-II 09/08/2019
Migration of OLTAS functions to Income Tax Business Application-Reg. ITBA-OLTAS Instruction No. 1 07/08/2019
Launch of Income Tax Business Application– Refund Banker Module ITBA- Refund Banker Instruction No.1 07/08/2019
Extension of timeline for completion of assessments in OCM cases F.No.225/363/2017-ITA-11 26/07/2019