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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Corrigendum to Notification No. 6/2018-Central Tax (Rate) dated 25.01.2018 Notification No. G.S.R. 106(E) 01/02/2018
CBEC amends Notification related to concessional CGST rate on scientific equipments Notification No. 9/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC notifies Changes in Rate of CGST on Motor Vehicle wef 25.01.2018 Notification No. 8/2018 -Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC notifies changes in list of goods exempt from CGST wef 25.01.2018 Notification No. 7/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC notifies Revised CGST Rate on Various Goods wef 25.01.2018 Notification No. 6/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC exempt Central Government’s share of Profit Petroleum from Central tax Notification No. 5/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
GST on construction services against transfer of development right & vice versa Notification No. 4/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
GST: RCM on renting of immovable property by Govt to registered person Notification No. 3/2018- Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC notifies exemption on certain services wef 25.01.2018 Notification No. 2/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
GST rates of various services applicable from 25.01.2018 notified Notification No. 1/2018-Central Tax (Rate) 25/01/2018
CBEC exempt CGST on admission to protected monument Notification No. 47/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
Revised CGST Rate for restaurants & job work on handicraft goods notified Notification No. 46/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
Concessional CGST rate of 2.5% on scientific & technical equipments Notification No. 45/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
CGST: CBEC notifies restriction of ITC on certain fabrics Notification No. 44/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
CGST: CBEC notifies Reverse charge on raw cotton Notification No. 43/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
CBEC notifies GST exemptions as decided in 23rd GST council Meeting Notification No. 42/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
Revised CGST Rates to give effect to GST council decisions notified Notification No. 41/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 14/11/2017
CBEC notifies 0.05% Tax Rate on intra-State supply of taxable goods for export Notification No. 40/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 23/10/2017
GST Rate on Food for free distribution to economically weaker sections Notification No. 39/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 18/10/2017
Reverse charge mechanism u/s 9(4) of CGST Act suspended till 31.03.2018 Notification No. 38/2017–Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017
CBEC notifies Central Tax rate (GST) on leasing of motor vehicles Notification No. 37/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017
GST under RCM sale of Used vehicles, seized and confiscated goods, old and used goods, waste and scrap by Govt. Notification No. 36/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017
CBEC exempts GST on Duty Credit Scrips, Govt to Govt supplies and Changes related to actionable claim or enforceable right Notification No. 35/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017
GST Rate amended on various Products as per 22nd GST Council Decision Notification No. 34/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017
RCM on Supply of services by the members of Overseeing Committee to RBI Notification No. 33/2017-Central Tax (Rate) 13/10/2017