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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Upload e-BRC by 15.09.2021 for shipping bills with LEO upto 31.03.2020 on which RoSCTL scrip been claimed Trade Notice No. 13/2021-22 04/08/2021
Online Procedure for transfer of Advance/EPCG Authorisation in case of amalgamation/de-merger/acquisition Trade Notice 14/2021-22-DGFT 04/08/2021
DGFT Introduces online Deemed Exports Application Module Trade Notices No. 12/2021-2022 28/07/2021
Issuance of Export Authorisation for SCOMET Items w.e.f. 05.08.2021 Trade Notice No. 11/2021-22 28/07/2021
Date extended for Mandatory electronic filing of Non-Preferential CoO Trade Notice No. 10/2021-2022-DGFT 19/07/2021
DGFT invites suggestions on New Foreign Trade Policy (2021-26) Trade Notice No. 09/2021-22 16/07/2021
Acceptance & issuance of claims under MEIS, SEIS, ROSL, ROSCTL on hold Trade Notices No. 08/2021-22-DGFT 08/07/2021
DGFT IEC services not available from 01st June to 6th June 2021 Trade Notice No. 07/2021-22 26/05/2021
Mandatory recording of information about transfer of DFIA Scrips Trade Notice No. 06/2021-22 25/05/2021
DGFT introducing online e- EPCG Committee module Trade Notice 05/2021-22-DGFT 19/05/2021
Extension of validity of RCMC beyond 31st March, 2021 Trade Notice No. 04/2021-2022-DGFT 10/05/2021
New module for online filing of applications for export authorizations Trade Notice No 03/2021-22-DGFT 10/05/2021
Operationalisation of DGFT ‘COVID-19 Helpdesk’ for International Trade related Issues Trade Notice No. 02/2021-2022 26/04/2021
Electronic filing & Issuance of Preferential CoO for India’s Exports under IMCECPA Trade Notice No. 01/2021-2022 01/04/2021
Online Filing of requests for Closure of Advance Authorizations – reg Trade Notice No. 49/2020-21 30/03/2021
e- filing of CoO(NP) for India’s Exports w.e.f. 15th April 2021 Trade Notice No. 48/2020-2021 25/03/2021
DGFT introduces new online module for filing of electronic applications for import authorizations Trade Notice No. 47/2020-21- DGFT 23/03/2021
Documents to be submitted for applying for import authorization for import of DEA Trade Notice No. 46/2020-2021 DGFT 16/03/2021
Applications for export of Diagnostic Kits (VTM/RNA Extraction kits/RT-PCR Kits) Trade Notice No. 45/2020-21- DGFT 02/03/2021
DGFT Online Module for Adjudication, Appeal, Review proceedings Trade Notice No. 44/2015-2020-DGFT 01/03/2021
Preferential CoO for India’s Exports to Mercosur & Thailand Trade Notice No. 43/2020-2021-DGFT 23/02/2021
Issuance of Certificate of Origins (NP) through Common Digital Platform Trade Notice No. 42/2020-21 19/02/2021
Introduction of online e-Certificate Management System for Imports Trade Notice No. 41/2020-21-DGFT 15/02/2021
Introduction of online e-Tariff Rate Quota System for Imports Trade Notice No.40/2020-21-DGFT 04/02/2021
Reg. export of Diagnostic Kits & their components/laboratory reagents Trade Notice No: 39/2020-21-DGFT 19/01/2021