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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Amendment in Import Policy Condition of Water Melon Seeds Notification No. 13/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2821(E).] 21/06/2022
DGFT notifies new RoDTEP schedule (Appendix 4R) wef 01.05.2022 Notification No. 12/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.2538(E).] 01/06/2022
Amendment in import policy of Paper Notification No. 11/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2378(E).] 25/05/2022
Amendment in Export Policy of sugar Notification No. 10/2015-20-DGFT [S.O. 2375(E)] 24/05/2022
DGFT amends import policy of Oxytocin reference standards Notification No. 09/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2357(E)] 23/05/2022
Amendment in Export Policy of Bamboo Charcoal – regarding Notification No. 08/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2321(E)] 19/05/2022
Govt amends import policy condition of Fresh Ginger produced in Bhutan Notification No. 07/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2320(E)] 19/05/2022
Amendment in Export Policy of Wheat Notification No. 06/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 2236(E)] 13/05/2022
Amendment in Export Policy of Onions Seeds Notification No. 05/2015-20 [S.O. 2235(E)] 13/05/2022
Alignment of Appendix 4R with Finance Act, 2021 wef 01.01.2022 Notification No. 04/2015-2020 [S.O. 2185(E)] 11/05/2022
Amendment in Export Policy of Guar Gum Notification No. 03/2015-2020-DGFT, [S.O. 2162(E).] 09/05/2022
DGFT extends relaxation for import of crushed & de-oiled GM soya cake Notification No. 02/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.2053(E).] 02/05/2022
DGFT amends import policy of ITC (HS) Codes 71123000, 71129100, 71129200, 71129910, 71129920, & 71129990 Notification No. 01/2015-2020 [S.O. 2031(E)] 29/04/2022
Extension of IGST & Compensation cess exemption under Advance Authorisation, EPCG and EOU scheme Notification No. 66/2015-20-DGFT [S.O. 1560(E)] 01/04/2022
Import of Urea on Govt account allowed through Indian Potash Limited Notification No. 65/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O. 1559(E)] 01/04/2022
DGFT extends Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 upto 30.09.2022 Notification No. 64/2015-2020 [S.O. 1549(E).] 31/03/2022
Free Import Policy of Urad and Tur extended up to 31.03.2023 Notification No. 63/2015-2020 [S.O. 1463(E)] 29/03/2022
Govt forecloses TMA Scheme for Specified Agriculture Products Notification No. 17/2/2021 -EP (Agr i.IV) 25/03/2022
Export Policy of Hydrofluorocarbons revised to Restricted’ category Notification No. 62/2015-2020 [S.O.1270(E).] 23/03/2022
Export of Rice: Certificate of Inspection Certificate from EIA/EIC- Reg Notification No. 61/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.1269(E).] 23/03/2022
Amendment in import Policy of Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati) Notification No. 60/2015-2020 [S.O. 1043(E).] 09/03/2022
Amendment in import policy of Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) Notification No. 59/2015-2020-DGFT [S.O.1145(E).] 09/03/2022
Govt amends import policy conditions of Drosophila melanogaster Notification No. 57/2015-2020-DGFT, [S.O. 1004(E).] 07/03/2022
Last date extended for applications under MEIS, ROSCTL, ROSL Notification No: 58/2015-2020 [S.O.1012(E)] 07/03/2022
Import policy of ITC (HS) 8524 & ITC (HS) 85258900 revised Notification No. 55/2015-2020 [S.O. 836(E)] 24/02/2022